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  1. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU---- FINALLY! Looks promising... well, it always does. Hope that FROM actually does something renovating that will make everyone joygasm... Of course, that's dreaming perhaps, but you never know. .
  2. I know that OBs are subsonic in AC3, it's just that they're much faster than the speed at which planes pass by... Top speed is 876 in LR I think if I can recall correctly. As for bombing, it was not necessarily bombs that might get dropped on ACs... more like Air to surface missiles, which are usually fired far away from retribution range... Carpet Bombing is more when attacking a large force, and bombing an entire area to kill an AC might seem overkill... unless you want the AC really bad. People would instead use on highly effective air to surface missile and nuke the AC in one hit... the thing is, I do realize missiles are needed in tons to bring down an AC (well, teh way they are made anyways). Unless you give those aerial missiles the hitpower of a large AC missile.
  3. Well, I know sub-sonic isn't slow... perhaps it was my way of putting my thoughts through. What I actually meant is that the flybys the planes do in games like Last Raven or AC3 are way too slow... They should be faster, much faster. Like this
  4. I know... but seeing the technology levels in Armored Core, I'd doubt that planes would fly THAT SLOW. They'd most likely do very high speed pasts, not these slow flybys we're used to. (They're speed should be like OB speed) Bombers are subsonic, sure, but they usually attack from a very high height to be immune to counter fire. (Unless they're a gunship) I knowz... But I thought you harbored some kind of general dissent for AC itself... perhaps it's my rusty memory. Pardon me if that's the case. Also, 100% agreement with Niji!
  5. If my memory's correct... Isn't GHOST2 that MG-like Handgun with special lock-on? Anyways, I hope your enemy ain't these shell defense whores... Ever thought of putting OB on that thing to compensate the low speed?
  6. So besides TM's obvious self-proclaimed hate for AC... ACs reaching 5 meters will help with the "realism" of the game, even though I would say PS2 era ACs were pretty realist (save for the issue of planes going at subsonic speeds... unless THESE WERE HARRIERS... ). Planes should be destroyable (go watch AC:SL intro), but very hard to hit (you'd only have a lock of about 2 seconds, as they're very fast, unless that is you have an ND FCS that can target them while they're still far away). Also, smaller robots does not mean less powerful. In Gundam, as the series progressed, Mechs would become SMALLER and would be considered more powerful than their larger counterparts. Coming to think of it, where are all the internals + the cockpit in a 5 meter tall machine of death that has boosters and guns? To come back to the difference between Super and Real Robots: - Super Robots are powered via ways that are NOT scientific or are kinda, "Superhero based". Yeah, for example, Robots that are mainly killing stuff by doing flashy karateka stuff or doing kamehameha wannabes that can blow up the universe. - Real Robots are the attempt to merge robots, science and reality. They can sometimes get iffy, but there is theoretically always a RATIONAL or semi-rational way of explaining their abilities. (Most of the time, real robots use guns, are powered by a generator, don't call out their attacks, and are used in military plots) Armored Core falls in the "real robot" category. Even the AC4 anf FA fall in the "real robot" category. But you see, there are many scales for Real Robots, those that are "rea" real robots and those that are borderline super robots. To illustrate my example, we can call the Macross Valkyries or the U.C generation gundams real robots. Wing Gundams also fit that qualification, so do most of the SEED mechas and the 00 Mechas. HOWEVER, some border on the line of becoming Super Robots. Codifiers for this genre are the Strike Freedom and the 00 Gundam, all having haxor powerz and being able to take entire ARMADAS alone. (Which NEXTs can pretty much do) A NEXT is to a NORMAL or Old-gen AC what Strike Freedom is to the Strike.
  7. If you have problems with Levi, use the following missile combo: RM2 + HYDRA2. Pair it with a Narrow and Deep FCS. Take a sniper rifle along (RS) and a good blade. Blade/shoot the MTs. Missile the Levi. He's dead, congrats. Like here for example As for Evaevy, you need lots of stability so that his linear cannon abuse doesn't affect you much. So a quad with hard hitting guns (BP Bazooka and HP or 69H Handgun lefty aren't a bad idea) and a damaging EO that won't strain your EN (let's say, 98E or 89E), coupled with good solid shell defense would make it. OR YOU COULD DO THIS: Fly Baby Fly For PAnzer Faust's mission, use the following weapons: Pixie 3/Shade/KRSW/SPIRIT + 98E Core (that's for killing Faust) RM + Satyuros (Three double launches of those + a full hit from the accompanying extensions will nearly kill the Tank Pulvie. Spray a little more shrapnel on it and Pulvie goes boom) LB3 blade (whatever blade you want) + Langur arms or MACAQCUE (to kill the pesty flamers) Flamer tanks take time to react, use that small gap to blade em before they hurt you.
  8. To kill zinny, you have two choices: Choice 1 Choice 2 For Rim Fire and his pink buddy barney: This might work for you
  9. HP sucks in story due to ammo limits. Dual HP in hangers to finish off enemy ACs after your main guns are gone is a good idea. Lefty Hanger HP is always a good idea. Dual HP followed by dual H69 in Arenas is made of easy win. (If your frame is decent enough)
  10. Flamethrowers suck pas AC:3-SL. Before that, they were kinda great. Howitzers were cheap ass Grenade Launchers wannabes with lower velocity and an odd arc. They were also very odd looking guns. (still good though) Ammo Packs were... Ammo Packs. Need em back. WHERE DID THE CROW GO?
  11. I think I remember one of the main reasons I chose URANUS... Energy defense that is... (I think) Missiles are used either (and emptied) at the start of the match, or when the enemy core turns yellow. Can also use em to force those guys that keep backpedalling to change course (forces em to go laterally, and thus, I can close in a bit more)
  12. http://armoredcoreuniverse.net/forum/index...amp;showentry=6 There you go.
  13. A lazy man is lazy. Seeing the good old comments here made me go dig up my actual srs garage... I'm too lazy to check on the tunes for this AC. I just realized this isn't actually the FF AC I was looking for, as I just found another one that's nicer looking and all. Perhaps I shouldn't have even posted this one. Moar variants of the good old AC Termie uses coming up! Not in my book. I've tried both. F69 has better parallel sight and a somewhat larger lock box (it's vertical size is larger anyways. Horizontal look around the same). I'll perhaps go and run a test with both FCS and validate or invalidate your comment. Decent for a head radar, but a good starter radar still replaces it easily. Tunes were already optimized for good defense, cooling and weight reduction. Just too lazy to post em. Future ACs will have their tunes though, dun worry, all with the paintjob. EXTRA: So here are all the jewels I built.... And that I'm sticking with finally (yes, how many times did I say that...) This is basically how my AC evolved when I sought to branch out or try new stuff. All these 5 designs are still used. http://img694.imageshack.us/img694/2023/sblazevariantsgroup.jpg Will post one by one, once I get the courage... P.S: YES, There is the Gaea in there... but that guy is a double rifle med-range expy...
  14. You can dodge the Uranus alright, as much as you can dodge any weapon in the game. True, URANUS has low velocity shot, but do remember that this AC is a lot faster and more maneuverable than ninja's, you can thus keep closer to your opponents. Besides, URANUS is just the icing on the cake, Pixie3 and R3 are doing most of the damage. GAEA, no, I won't use it on this AC (previous version already has it.) As for Hanger Cores, I already have another version that uses OB and Hanger. You'll just need to wait a bit to see them all. As to quote from my F.A.Q: RM2 is for bada**ery purpose. Current FCS still gives a larger lock box, and a better range. LIMPET will give more locks, but I don't have the nymphe here, so no need for it. And yeah, long time no see!
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