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  1. Unfortunately I only have SF4, but im old school. Like arcade, 1992 days. Im no where near what I used to be, but I remember some good times holding SS2:Turbo on one quarter for hours.
  2. Lately ive been trying unorthodox weapons set ups just for the fun of it. Like....Argyros koji weapon arms with a sniper cannon on the left back, mussleshell on the right back and AS shoulder missles. My goal: Kill as many as possible before getting raped when they see the big green glow.
  3. AC:V will become a thinking game instead of a button mashing game. Yeah if you kneel in the middle of the street, prepare for an expensive repair bill. Use cover, stay ontop of building, find tanks to run with...strategize. Use your team. Just remember, if you cannot do it, neither can they.
  4. From my personal experience in AC:4, I had no issues with registry on a RJ until AC:FA. The bad netcoding is so horrible that I wait 2 seconds after a RJ jumps before I fire at it. For some reason, when a RJ changes direction by either lazy boosting or QBing, it really screws with your FCS. If someone has a shitty connection on top of that, forget using guns and pull out the missle spamming. I know quite a few who claim them to be broken because of this.
  5. That's a good one: RJs....broken or not?
  6. I am usually on during the day and disapear in the evening for dinner and family time. I have never seen a post or guide that states the "right" or "wrong" way to play the game. Most of it is over mics, people who complain about backpeddling, RJs, raiden quads, missle spammers....im sure you have heard them all.
  7. Actually, im a asshole, not a jackass. Unless you talk to Sharriz, according to him im a Prick. This is just going in circles so Ill clarify. I never attacked backpeddling, I dont like to play with people who abuse the tactic. I said I was not trying to insult people and was genuine, to say I was insulting them by assuming they were stupid is silly and argumentative. If I think someone is stupid, ill call them out on it. That does not mean that someone will misunderstand my post and get the wrong idea. I was being polite and there is nothing wrong with using TACT. You're so used to jackasses on these boards, I could see why you might see some hidden meaning behind my post. There was no such thing. Im blunt and I say what I mean. P.S. About your sig Niji, if that is your definition of sex, you're doing it wrong.
  8. Rephrase...Yes, I consider backpeddling using your QB to move backwards, repeatedly over and over.
  9. Sorry Niji, your posts just seem to be very defensive about anyone who might even sound like they dislike backpeddling. Rogan may or may not like backpeddling, but he never said one word about it or stated an opinion. He likes to go forward, that tells me he likes CQC, I didn't get a negative opinion about backpeddling from it. That is just my personal opinion on his post. Im not going to assume something he never said. Is it safe to assume he prefers CQC over backpeddling. Yes, I consider backpeddling using your QB to move backwards. I do not know anyone who only lazy boosts backwards because you will be overrun, so I assumed we had the same meaning of the phrase backpeddling. For more clarification, I consider a backpeddler someone who specifically makes an AC that only goes backwards. Using QBs to make them chase you and lower registry by moving backwards fast enough to reduce ballistic damage. Mainly due to ballistic speeds being too slow in reg 1.40. If you are on a lower or higher plane than them, it makes registry even harder. Its a pain in the ass to deal with. My meaning behind not backpeddling more that three times means I do not use backpeddling alone as a single style. Sorry, I should have clarified that better. Many people will only backpeddle and reverse direction should someone catch up to them and repeat and rinse. I personally like to change directions because after backpeddling three times I have moved my opponent into a pattern, once I break that pattern it disrupts flow of how the battle is going, which keeps them reacting to my movements. But I do not use ACs designed to only backpeddle. Hopefully we are on the same wave length now without any confusion. Sorry if I sound too literal, im not trying to insult your intelligence.
  10. Okay, I want to clarify something. I never complained about backpeddling. I just said that I dont like to do it more than three time in a row, that is MY personal preference. I did not say that I think its cheap to backpeddle more than three times. Hence my post mentioning that I am attemping to find a way to shut that fighting style down by coming up with a personal style to defeat it. People dislike it because it is difficult to beat, draws the game out, and it can be dull. Backpeddlers can be tough to fight if your AC is not designed to handle them. I like fighting people who think, it makes me that much better of a player. After all, you are usually only limited to the skill of those you play with.
  11. Im very familiar with the concept of what backpeddling is and how it is used in AC:FA. It is a very effective, yet frustrating, style of play. Its just not for me. I am currently in the process of learning to shut this type of playstyle down. I personally dislike it because I find it boring and id rather break off and fight someone who actually wants to engage me. Even if I do beat the backpeddler, I find that ive often wasted alot of ammo and cannot participate in another battle if there are more than one opponent. More importantly, I play to have fun, not to always win every match and people dont talk about the cool backpeddling match they had against so and so, they talk about the close matches that came down to the last AP.
  12. I lean towards Anti-CQC/CQC with aggresive, high powered light midweights, but I have a large variety of ACs. Most of the time im playing for the fun of it, not to win. I have a better time drawing it down to the last AP than being in a one sided match. Other then that, I prefer bipeds over quads and RJs. I hate backpeddling more than three times, I dont circle jerk, and missles are boring. I rarely use the same AC more than twice unless im testing. I just want to see mechs blown up in awesome ways, including myself.
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