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  1. Rachis

    Street Fighter V

    For the first time since Soul Calibur 3, I'm legit having to take notes. He's got a shit ton of potential. He will likely have a halfway decent answer for everything. While youtube is going nuts on demon setups, I've been working on demon flip setups and in the process I found out how unique his divekick game is. I really can't wait to see what Tokido does once he levels up with the character.
  2. Rachis

    Street Fighter V

    Take care of those hands dude. At least it was your left hand. As far as Chun goes, she may have been nerfed to not be so much of a bully, but she gained more ways into her meter for sure. I think she'll be fine. As far as I go, I've completely dropped everything for Akuma. He's incredibly fun and very technical. It will take a while to "git gud" with him, but I think I'll be alright considering he's got an Oni feel to him.
  3. Rachis

    Street Fighter V

    It will also knockdown if spaced where the fireball would disappear.
  4. I like this. It's a part of what is wrong with DS franchise right now. People expect everything to be balanced and completely neglect the progression aspect of the game. Why should an axe be just as viable yhorms? Why should a basic laser rifle be just as viable as the karasawa? Progression is fun and rewarding. It's an extremely shallow mechanic, but it lets you feel like you are getting stronger. It adds the drive to invest more time into getting more stuff.
  5. Rachis

    Street Fighter V

    I can make time tonight after Rogue One. I haven't played in a week so I need to get back into it for Akuma.
  6. Rachis

    Street Fighter V

    The update is going to require a noticeable adjustment from everyone for sure. I'll be relearning anyway because I'll have Aku *cough* Oni *cough* ma. I have a hard time listening to LTG because he's just too retarded. I had more fun watching LI Joe's reactions to the whole thing.
  7. Rachis

    Street Fighter V

    Yes Phoenix Mika is hawt! Yeah the lack of lag is helping get comfortable with characters I haven't been able to grind with online and you actually get to focus on shit!! This Mika, like most I run into, only practice the blender so they completely die midscreen if you run like a bitch.
  8. Rachis

    Street Fighter V

    Bison vs Mika isn't supposed to go like this, but I'll take it XD
  9. Yep looks like mechwarrior. I would like the franchise more if AC didn't set a standard for mech games that nobody can even hold a candle to. #spoiled
  10. Rachis

    Street Fighter V

    In other news, i finally dmz'd my ps4 and so far so good on the sf5 internets. hopefully i'll have a reason to grind now.
  11. Rachis

    Street Fighter V

    I don't think it's bold at all. The people "on the fence" or "waiting for their character" already don't like sf5 and there's nothing that is going to change their mind on that. Owen is a prime example. He loves urien and we have urien and guess who doesn't play sf5?
  12. Rachis

    Street Fighter V

    Urien is pretty dope. I'll be sticking to my samurai Necalli though.
  13. i have no idea what you just said
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