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Bringing the kai scene back!


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I didn't play much of LR back in the day because my favorite part, the Pegasus, was banned. It was allowed in Nexus because everybody avoided that part except me and some other dude. Found a way to make it work and I guess it was considered balanced back then, which is why NX is my favorite.


AC3/SL was very arcade like and heat wasn't a problem. I don't mind the heat mechanic at all in NX/NB. I don't remember much of the mechanics in LR, what was different about it. What advantages or features does LR have over NX/NB and AC3/SL?

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Yeah, i remember Kai NX days, an MOC champ was on there, using OB combined with dual shotguns for hitting and running. He might have used an MG sometimes. Another tourney player had a quad and the back weapon that charges before firing a laser.


I really liked the NX days, maybe cause it was the first true online AC, but I was really used to the heat mechanics and weapons being accurate.


I remember the ONLY banned or restricted part for NX was dual sniper guns of some kind?


I can't remember which, or maybe it was a different gun, but I just remember dual something was banned/restricted and everything else was fine, that was probably why I thought NX was the best.

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I wanna collaborate with bustertbm on youtube and get like a small fantasy tournament going if we're both within arms' reach of skill level.


I assume we'll both be equally as rusty so it should work out.

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I use a custom god-mode deinterlacer for my last raven footage, and it takes the 30fps interlaced content my cpature card takes from the ps2, and turns it into 60fps progressive scan footage for youtube. That means footage will look smooth as if in-game now compared to previously.
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Stop by in chat (we use discord now, but link on top of site still directs you there.) To coordinate when you're available. I'll be working in the evening though, so I'll only be available morning, early afternoon, or more towards midnight.
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