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Phil Collins


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AC Game: LR

Pilot Name: Ninety

AC Name: Phil Collins





Head | Core | Arms | Legs


0/2/4/4/0 | 0/2/4/4/0 | 0/2/4/4/0 | 0/2/4/4/0


Booster | FCS | Generator | Radiator


0/0/0/10 | -N/A- | 0/10/0 | 0/0/10


Inside | Extension | R Back | L Back

-N/A- | RM3 | 69M | 69RA


R Arm | L Arm | R Hanger | L Hanger

BP | HP | -N/A- | WRAITH

Optional Parts:

O01-Amino | CR-O69ES | CR-O69SS | Kissyoh | CR-O75LA | CR-O79L+ | O03-Codon | Marishi




70/70/70 | 35/35/35 | 200/104/0 | 95/150/50 | 110/80/65


Camouflage on all parts, except arms.



All black except yellow HP.





I picked parts that I remember people talking about. Mike helped me by telling me what did what and what was banned, etc. I don't know about tunes and I can't paint it so I'm leaving that stuff to Owen.

Edited by Ninety
Added generic tunes and optionals. - Niji
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Only time I use Vulture2 is when I'm using G91. I went ahead and added generic tunes and optionals, btw. I just used my biped staples optionals and copy/pasted them onto yours.


Your bot that you've never played is pretty solid, tho. Mad respek.

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No one is going to really like those tunes. They're ultra generic. Haha. They're better than no tunes or wacky as fuck tunes, tho. Fix'm when you get better ones. Also, the LA optional makes missiles lock faster. Your bot is using 69M with just 1 lock that locks pretty fast to begin with. Mine uses Nymphe, so it makes sense on my bot. You may want to find something else to replace LA with. If all else fails feel free to hit up Kangi or something.
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I'd just play defensive all day. Passive aggressive pressure with defensive play. Just play the poking/punishment game all the time and you'll win easy vs peeps on Kai. Use HP every time they get too close for comfort then drop into Wraith when HP runs out. I mean, with Vulture 2 on and the setup being really conservative it just seems to yell "play me defensively." UL2 is not UL or Eos and most of your weaps are poking/pressure weaps, not rushdown. High cooling, low heat. High mobility/defense. Etc. It's a pretty solidly defensive bot.


That doesn't mean you shouldn't apply pressure, though. Just keep it passive aggressive and don't commit to any type of real aggression. Stay calm seems like ideal advice for this bot.

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So what do I do with this bot once I get LR? Poke with missiles at range then mash guts with BP/HP up close?


You got a lot of options here.


What I'd do with this is use up rm3 and drop quick so I can get a boost in speed. You can punish mistakes with bp, or tag people with missiles on mid while you move in for rushdown with bp and hp. Or you can do hit and runs. BP takes off a good chunk, so it can frustrate ppl whenever they get clocked by them. If you're hitting and running, you pretty much force the opponent to always chase you.


I had a bot similar to this, but with eos and 69h. When I played with it, I used up extensions and tried to tag people with the bp when the opportunity presented itself. With EOS and bp, it was not a tough job maintaining ap lead. I had gull on lotus though, cause I didn't like using up too much en, even tho it wasn't a particularly drainy bot. I guess I liked the added speed.

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Nice AC. One of my favorite ACs in LR uses that same missile combo on PANTHER. What I'd do with them against your average opponent was fire and drop quick(but not like ultra wasteful quick I'd still try to fire them off good angles to have a good chance of hitting), drop, and head in close for shotgun abuse. I'd always keep the back unit until it was dry though. Those random missile hits add up and I'd fire them often in my attack and fade playstyle. Plus, a lot of single missiles flying toward them really annoys most people. :o


Alternatively what I'd do was poke with them and use them as a mid range buffer zone deterrent, they're especially scary to less mobile ACs and if they do hit something light then they'll be surprised at the damage, as always even when the extensions run dry the back unit is useful for a distraction or extra damage. Oh and if you wanna play keepaway you can even try to fool the opponent by turning the extensions off early, spam off a couple single missiles, and then up close jam the last few volleys into them when they least suspect it.

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