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Sword Art Online


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Quick! Watch the first episode without looking at a synopsis or summary or any kind of spoiler for it, the impact is IMMENSE. {I accidentally did this, watching only by just looking at the name and not knowing anything else.]




This anime is unlike anything I've ever seen before. I actually doubted in the first few minutes at what could possibly make it different from other series, but I was forcing myself to sit through it, thinking I didn't have time for this! Good thing I was wrong!


[hide]IF the game in question was DARK SOULS ONLINE. Then-[/hide]

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Yeah, I finished the first game then played the second to an extent, but then I bought Kingdom Hearts (Dat Gameplay). The fact that those games remained nearly full price all the way up to the PS3-360 era only helped to put me off the series entirely.


The original anime series and watching the original game series for story is probably all I'd do too.


Forget everything after that, it's all just b-b-b-bullSHIT.


This Sword Art Online though doesn't sound like it's trying to be artsy, more like a battle royale type of thing from what I've been told. I think I might be getting it mixed up with some other series.

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.Hack is boring as fuck but the music keeps you watching. It's basically just a long music video. This also has Yuki Kajiura but the music isn't nearly as manly (yet).
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If the game in question was a DARK SOULS mmo and not the Aincrad game, how do you think that would go down? :ph34r: Given that it's almost impossible to NOT die before reaching the end of the game, and for most, the first level.


Did anybody else find it funny how the gender ratio changed dramatically when the GM gave everybody the mirrors? LOL at the part where "Hey, you're not a girl!". If you look carefully, there is a lot of guys in women's clothes after everybody got switched to their real genders and looks. LOL


In episode 1, in the "epilogue" at 23:17, gave me goosebumps when I saw it weeks ago. 0 _0 If that happened in real life, it probably turn out worse.

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It'd probably end up being better written.


I skimmed again to relive what I found upsetting, because it ends up just making the show look incredibly stupid every now and again, so... Spoilers ahead:


The red haired guy said he lived alone, and two years later, he hasn't starved to death. Maybe they somehow found him, even though all of his friends were in the game, too, but plenty of people must have starved to death, something the GM didn't seem to take into account.


When the blue Knight guy, Biebel or something, dies, he has time to talk, and he's not taking damage, then dies. All the while, he refuses a healing potion. Something that can't possibly be that expensive, and would rather die than eat twenty of someone's gold.


The information broker, with the cat face... had a cat face. It acted like a player, and didn't know about a new event like all other players. But it had a cat face. Right in the beginning, they removed all customization, but somehow got a catface again.


Holy Dragon Alliance is made out as an evil group when first seen, willing to do anything for a rare item. Then they're the good guys of the front line right afterwards.


During the murder exploring, and after the murders were exposed fake, it hit me that they didn't show the teleport effect with the item breaking effect, thus making it so the viewer can't think there was anything strange, as well as pooping on their own lore, since teleporting requires calling out the town's name as well shown earlier.


The main characters somehow saw a ghost in a video game. Couldn't have been a real person, because her husband apparently killed her and would have known by the inventory becoming his.


And the worst part:


In six episodes, it's been two years. Two. Years. By then, authorities would have traced the signal, found the servers, and forced everyone to disconnect by turning off the game. Or unplugged the headset and wait for its battery to die out. Or even just open it up and remove the battery itself, both of which would make it impossible to microwave brain. And the guy in charge could have been forced to release them all as well!


In two years, the outside world did nothing intelligent.


With Dot Hack, at least it's isolated incidents written off as bugs that detached people from their body entirely, not something someone had actually designed and could be stopped in the real world by simply making the helmet unable to microwave.

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Yeah, I was wondering about those things. I'm guessing the brain microwave occurs so fast that the moment the hatch for the batteries is being opened, the microwave happens before the batteries get out. I think it was mentioned in the first episode that most people were moved to hospitals and hooked up to life support upon the news spreading of the brain microwaving effect.


As of the customization, I guess its the same as with the girl who's hair was turned pink, that there would be items that would alter a characters look, but in the beggining, you look like yourself by default.


I'm guessing the outside world was powerless to do anything and even if they found the guy, since he had them all hostage and probably had his hand to some kind of button, they couldn't do anything until all the players were safe. I'm guessing he could probably log in and out to the real world to move his location. I guess all will be explained eventually. It's gonna suck that by the time they wake up, no doubt their real life muscles are gonna have been reduced to nothing.

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If they got moved to hospitals, they'd be disconnected from their internet though. And I don't think the GM, after making everyone be honest with themselves, would leave in items that make you have a cat face. And yeah, but of course they will all sit up regularly and won't need any rehab whatsoever at the end.


Just wizards.

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They mentioned in the 1st episode that the helmet had an internal battery of 2 hours, which gave them time to move the people to the proper facilities. Yeah, I thought after watching the 1st episode that most of the people would starve to death if they didn't beat the game within a time frame of 3 days. Imagine my surprise when they showed the actual passage of time by the end of the 1st episode, lol.


I'm guessing the cat features might just be equips rather than actual physical changes.

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Well now that was just a screw to the audience.



Beginning of fourteen, died like a bitch o well.


Middle of fourteen, while still he still has health, he doesn't think to stab the guy while stabbed. Instead he starts glowing and being dead already and shit to do it. Because he couldn't before and had to break the rules of the game.


And then they don't even give each other their addresses or phone numbers just in case.


And he can move his muscles just fine after two years of laying down without a problem and no nurse comes around with a crash cart when his heart monitor starts panicing.


And then the opening to 15 in general.


What the fuck, writers.

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Now that your that far, I wanted to point out that the way the "evil centiped" aka Skull Reaper made his grand entrance was similar to Demon Centipede's in Dark Souls, yet, Sword Art Online was written back in 2001/2002, that very scene occuring in volume 1, which leads me to believe Dark Souls made homage to that scene from the novel.


See the similarities? Plus the fact that you can dual wield swords and now theres a long coat similar to Kirito's in Dark Souls: Artorias of the Abyss Edition. Expect a lot of "Kirito builds" to pop up in Dark Souls.

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The complete second season was a joke. Honestly found the first season watchable but then "LETS MAKE EVERYONE FAIRYS!" happened. Even after that for some ungodly reason I finished it. There is absolutely no plot development, they even toss in BrotherxSister just for the hell of it, which was nice for laughs but past that was pointless. Maybe the manga is diffrent, but if a third season gets made I'll be staying far away from it.
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