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Missile Efficacy


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I'v been wondering in ACV about the missiles.


cause i don't find the missiles effective at all in ACV unlike the old AC's it was so effective even through you can destroy ac with just missiles, i appreciated the GIGA missile as ultimate weapon, but i don't mean the GIGA, i mean the other shoulders Missiles


who agree with me ?


Also about the missiles sound, it was more loud than the on the old AC's

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Get Ortkyrt and Mathuras with Dual Sub weapon arms.


That's about as close to a Macross Missile Massacre as you're gonna get and it is very effective. I beat an ace that way.


That gets you 12 missiles in the air at once. Add a Phoenix missile turret (Otkryt can run 2 of them), and you can get a total of 20 missiles at a time from 3 different directions.


It's not exactly a versatile or practical build, but it's REALLY fun when it works.

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I'm also going to comment that VTF missiles are good against most heavyweight builds, and some midweights, and Dimapur is usually pretty effective, if not as a primary weapon.


I'm really looking forward to those missile arms in Verdict Day, and hopefully something better than Otkryt for multi-lock (or those missile arms can have a mode with quad-fire per lock, that would be acceptable). I want to re-enact Ogawa's picture with a single AC.

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