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Armored Core V Second Exhibition Event


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Evening everyone!


FromCheng here, inviting everyone to join our next community event. Not sure how many of you guys still play ACV or AC in general, but I encourage those who still play ACV to just get on and have some fun.


After the success of our first event, I am glad to announce the continuation: the Second Exhibition Event! Starting on September 14th, the Exhibition event will encompass Duels, Battle Royals, and Team Battles, and is meant to give people the chance to show off their builds and skills with the opportunity to meet and connect with other people who play. Hosts will start up rooms for people to join and just play. The entire event will be recorded and the best matches will be shown on Youtube so be sure to show your good side. Opening rooms and recording is not limited to Event Hosts; anyone may open up rooms or record for their channel. This event is purely for enjoyment of the community! This event will be held for NA PS3 and 360 as well as EU PS3 and 360.


Peoples of the servers, we are now looking for more hosts. If you are interested please contact me ASAP and I will add you to the list. Hosts duties are fairly simple: open up rooms throughout the day and just play to have fun.



Event Hosts (PSNID/Gamertag)

NA PS3: FromCheng, TarnZR , Zio_IV, Nanabosho

EU PS3: FromCheng_EU

NA 360: TBA

EU 360: iToasteh



NA PS3 and 360 September 14th 3 PM EST

EU PS3 and 360 September 14th 5 PM CET (GMT+2)


NOTE: Although the event officially only lasts 3 hours, hosts and players are highly encouraged to continue playing if other people are still online and rooms are still up. Remember, this event is for you guys to have fun and meet new people!

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I had to work that day so by the time the stuff started I was pretty worn out. But it was fun to play again despite being so out of practice. Going to start playing a little more often to prep for V-Day, I'm going to be one of the guys jumping on board for launch if Bamco doesn't crap out on delivery like I have heard them doing before.


Anyways if anyone wants to battle someone who doesn't get butthurt about losing I'm your guy, PSN still the same. I'm busy as all hell lately too which is why I haven't been lurking around as often but at least I have a pretty solid schedule now on the weekends.

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