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ACVD Update on Weapons and Parts


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So; I know some things have gotten adjusted or flat out nerfed. Anyone have links?


Ahem: I would greatly and sarcastically thank all the QQ'ers for nerfing my KE blade range: now the basic KE pile, and CE pile out range these bad boys and for what.... Oh I think I know; all the KE squishy AC's and pilots who don't know how to fucking dodge :D


Also on the nerf list is the KE Gatling guns, the Karasawa series, and unconfirmed so far to my knowledge some AC parts. I read somewhere RJ's were getting a speed boost for the heavies.


That's all I know. While yes, this could be somewhat examplified as a QQ'er comment on vendetta blade arms; my point is this; if these things can get out ranged by KE and CE, not to mention out damaged by CE and TE WHY JUST my blade arms. I will listen to valid input, don't get it twisted; I am flustered a bit by it and it's not like KE blades are common OR as CoMMOn AS dual amp TE dual blade with 22 range stat base so... Shut the front door! What the truck is up with these mother fathering mass average players getting decent parts nerfed so they may feel accomplished in beating other players :)

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It's probably small, and honestly those weapon arm blades had ridiculous range when upgraded. I didn't really mind it but those things were literally killing people with wind.


And Karasawa OH GOD KARASAWA KARASAWA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


And that's all I have to say about that.

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