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why not have it not only be tournaments but also events like ACL? I have noticed that people are practically unable to post personal events on here. maybe someone would like to host a git together or somethin. you never no because it is impossible to post it. it might go in general but it the forum sometimes gets overlooked. im just putting it out there that we need a place to post other events not tourney related.
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No, Tournaments will stay Tournaments. If you want to post an event you can post it in either the generation specific forums or the AC General forum. If an event is for a specific generation exclusively, it should go in the generation specific forum. If it's for multiple generations, you post it in the AC General forum. Much like if there wasn't a Tournaments section, you would post tournaments in their respective generational forums or in the series wide forum (AC General) if it was a series spanning tournament.


While events are nice, they're not something I care to focus ACU on. ACU already has a decent enough participation rate in any events that actually seem to appeal to its memberbase. Especially since any events that are interesting to a few of us tend to immediately get disseminated very quickly via things like chat. Drac's current ACDC is a very good example, as are most of our own ACDCs. Also TM's Fantasy Battles on Kai were quite popular. Some events get less hits, like Pengin's ACSO tournaments and the ACV stuff, because ACU simply has very few people who are either interested in those games or in those events.


Having a forum for events isn't a bad idea, but it's simply not something I'm interested in adding right now.

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I think the ideal thing would be to add ACDC and Tournaments as a subforum to every AC generation, since they all already have a shitload of subforums anyways, then putting events in the description of AC News & General Discussion. Any event specifically related to a generation of AC (like my kai fantasy battles) already goes under their own ac section. Since everything is already assimilated down to each AC generation, I think it's only appropriate to have the tournaments as well. The only problem is you risk having toooo many subforums for each section, and having a huge ass list of subforums before you even get to the discussion topics.
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I went ahead and added the term events to the AC Gen forum front-page description, as that is not an idea I am against.


EDIT #1: Also, for general reference. Here is the forum description for the AC News & General Discussion forum that is at the top of that forum under the guidelines.


Forum Description - The AC News & General Discussion forum is where you can find news on any major events in the AC community as well updates on the games themselves. Members are encouraged to discuss the Armored Core series as a whole in this forum as well. AC clans and other forms of rivalries should also be kept to this forum. If you find or create any neat AC art, videos, music, or other media you should post it in this forum! Feel free to gossip about Armored Core to your hearts content!


That is unchanged from before.




EDIT #2: I will consider a dedicated ACDC forum or forums however. I'll get back to you guys on that someday in the future, but I will consider it.

Edited by Harakiri Tiger
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