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Is this game just glitchy?


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Okay, first things first. I'm on it a lot. But never on a good team. That's fine.


However i just checked my achievements and I've somehow been on an A ranked team before? (never changed teams) uh okay...


So are the cheevo's / Trophys just glitchy as fuck or what?

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Yeah ACVD.


Those slackers, not a chance. Been doing some merc stuff and thought somehow the game might have lagged or glitched itself to that conclusion. Sometimes stops at the loading screens too but that's only a minor inconvenience as opposed to giving me flashbacks to getting hacked 2 years ago.


Ah well guess we'll see where this one lands.

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So I've been absent from this forum for a while, and it looks dead, but just on the off chance that someone is still confused about this...


When you play as a merc, and the team you're with ranks up, you can be awarded any trophies relavant to the hiring team's rank. So if you're in a team with F- rank, and get hired by a B+ ranked team and they hit A rank, you'll get the A and E rank trophies without your own team's rank going up.


Also, you can't lose team rank. I've seen my team do so before the first patch on the international server, but I haven't heard of anyone doing so since that patch, and I've actually tried to do it to my team once because I was curious after being told it was impossible. Your team can move freely back and forth within each letter range, but once you reach a new letter, you won't trade backwards. You can drop from B+ to B, and from B to B-, but you can't go back to C+ from there.

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