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Finding good HW frame.


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I'd been figured out about this for while, and this is the quick frame that I'd listed to.


IMO, I had 3 legs to success my HW stuff. 3001C, LNKS, and S3.


(head | core | arms | legs = solid def/EN def)


1. 3001C categoties

3001C, most AP and total defensive of HW biped series, also got around 2900 for stability.


• G780 | XXL-DO | 863-B | 3001C = 2095/1910 (2409/2196)


• G780 | XCH-01 | 891-S | 3001C = 2065/1941 (2374/2217)


• H10 | XXL-DO | 863-B | 3001C = 2153/1828 (2475/2102)


• H10 | XCH-01 | 891-S | 3001C = 2123/1859 (2441/2138)


• H10 | XCL-01 | 891-S | 3001C = 2000/1931 (2300/2222)


• G780 | XCL-01 | 863-B | 3001C = 1979/1910 (2357/2130)


• ZERO | XCL-01 | 891-S | 3001C = 2017/1870 (2319/2150)


2. LNKS categoties

this legs has a bit lack for solid defense and load when compared with 3001C. however, you got 3800 stability instead.


• ZERO | XXL-DO | 891-S | LNKS = 2081/1876 (2393/2157)


• G780 | XCH-01 | 891-S | LNKS = 2013/1952 (2314/2249)


• G780 | XCH-01 | 863-B | LNKS = 2050/1849 (2357/2130)


• G780 | XXL-DO | 863-B | LNKS = 2043/1916 (2349/2203)


• G780 | XXL-DO | 891-S | LNKS = 2006/2019 (2306/2321)


3. S3 categoties

this legs has a many lower status than any other HW legs type but it has highest EN defense. somehow I'd feel like a bit faster for booster movement.


• H10 | XXL-DO | 891-S | S3 = 2044/2009 (2350/2310)


• H10 | XXA-SO | 891-S | S3 = 2016/1959 (2318/2252)


• H10 | XCH-01 | 891-S | S3 = 2051/1942 (2358/2233)


from what these things looks like, I'd pick just for some of same-same parts to built them. these parts that I'd pick for each part and why is...



• ZERO (solid defense with internal radar and AP)

• G780 (EN defense with internal radar and AP)

• H10 (both defenses and AP but don't have radar)

*DISH and GRY-NX might be good choice too but remember, these head are don't have radar*



• XCH-01 (most AP and solid defense, 12 option slots)

• XXL-DO (high AP and both defense but only 5 slots)

• XXA-SO (lowest AP but decent defense and missile counter, also have 18 slots)

*I'm not prefer for XCL-01 because of arm weight status but you can tried for this if you want.*



• 863-B (solid with all-round defense and AP)

• 891-S (same reason as 863-B but opposite for defense stats)

*say "no" for ANKS arms because it's too much weight and impossible to put many back weapons when I equip this arms. D-7001 might be good choice for pump up your EN defense*



• 3001C (best of AP, defense, and load)

• LNKS (best of stability with decent defense)

• S3 (energy defense)

*tried for 3001 for something faster and still have defense I'd change my mind since I don't see the different about movement between 3001 and 3001C and don't have any point to use SSVR too*


edit : update some more defense stats after put defense optional.

edit 2 : strikethrough some words.

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3001C legs, without a doubt for a HW, even if you don't use all the weight cap, the defense and AP are worth it, as all HW legs in Gen 1 are roughly the same mobility save one (iirc SRVT).


XCH-01 core, without a doubt for a HW, AP, defense, good option slots. Can't beat it.


Arms can kinda go which ever way you want to balance defense.


Head, I believe actually that the Helm head was one of the tournament favorites, that and the radar fin head, which is a hidden part in MoA, if not the radar array head. Head AP/defense are not all that important, and good radar can actually be a pretty big benefit considering how rapid shit moves in Gen 1. That's my two cents.

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I'd been rechecked about status between HELM and G780 so I'll show the stats's number to see the different, here it is...


HD-HELM : weight 134, drain 793, AP 850, solid 172, EN 185, detailed CPU, area&place name map, non-noise, non-bio, 7200 radar, standard radar.


HD-G780 : weight 393, drain 723, AP 905, solid 146, EN 292, rough CPU, area&place name map, have noise, have bio, 7600 radar, standard radar.


from what it look, G780 give me more than HELM for AP, EN def, noise, bios, a bit more radar range, and a bit lower drain while HELM give me much lighter weight and solid defense. anyway, HELM is the one good choice too.


btw...I see most HW designs might be lacked for EN defense, how about HD-D-9066? (the MoA's LINSTANT head)


edit : now I'm totally agree for XCH-01 cuz 12 option slots, so dope.

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The HD-12-Radar head is probably the best for electronics, and that's a pretty good thing for missions and even PvP cuz it's radar is on par with some of the better back radars.


You get that for beating the Ranked #3 dude in the Ex Arena on disc 2.


Might want to scope that one out as well.


I'm pretty sure the top tier of heads in Gen 1 are HD-12-Radar, G780, Helm, HD-06-Radar (which gets knocked out by HD-12-Radar), and the 1k AP head if you use a back radar.

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