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ACVD, Ultimate Weapons - Your Opinions?


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Well. I've finally beating the ACVD Story (hard as heck too! final boss a Next?? like a black glint but more awesome? i had to do a tank dual autocannons, with a merc. lol)

and i Unlocked UWs Like yeah!


So i was wondering about these UWs. I've used each one with a Mid AC build with a gen that has about 99,000 Critical power. I personally think the Grind Blade (its not a blade. there is no "blade" about it! it has 6 chainsaw "bar and chain"!) and the Mega Blade (More like a Plamsa Blade or an oversized Lightsaber lol) are more useable than the rest. I mean yeah the Legion Pulse (looks like a hulluhoop when in use.. right? Used for surrounding enemies...i think) and the Giga Missle (more like a oversized Nuke. right?) could be usefull but i would preffer the Grind and Mega blade more.


(First time i saw the Mega Blade i thought it looked like a turtle shell. lol)


What are your opinions on these Ultimate Weapons of Massive Pain and Destruction?? Please provide your thoughts and maybe some good advice on how to use them correctly. (like me. lol)


Thanks. :D

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Giga Missile is used for lolz, people don't expect it in ffa and it's freaking hilarious.


The Legion Pulse was great in ACV, but I don't remember seeing it much in VD. Love how it looks though.


I don't think anyone knows how to use the one that's an oversized pile, but the Mega Blade is very good.

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^ this.


Giga missile was fun. Nuked 2 invading ACs before they even got into lock on range. They disconnected each time we were pitted against them afterwards because of it too.


And for the the oversized pile, Play with just blades/pile drivers for a while along with a team member that can use mobility jammers. Best used when sideswiping tanks too, I think.

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Grind blade is for style, mass blade for infini-boost tank rams, mega blade is the only one close to viable, and giga missile/cannon have the element of surprise. Legion pulse can technically get quite a few kills at once, but it requires the enemy to be grouped fairly close together, and it's stats make charging it and tracking someone accurately more difficult than it's supposed to be.
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