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Warhammer 40000


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Ill get one thing straight, this game seems to pour testosterone by the gallon.


and not many games make me just go crazy, and start spouting FUCK YEAH!


Anyways Im satill getting the hang of it, but its cover mechanic is pretty sweet.


The combat is absolutely grisly, in my tutorial I managed to blast an enemy soldier to pieced with a meltagun, though I lost that battle, I could hardly tell what the hell was going on with all the chainsword fighting.


The multiplayer is far different from its predecessor, focusing on map control to gain resources, and power your way to victory.


Its completely possible to win without destroying the enemy base because of this. Area control is the key to victory. You do not build any bases, your base is supplied directly to you.


Along those lines, you can have gigantic skirmishes across the entire map, trying to hold these points. or gain them.


The campaign is more of a RTS RPG, you don't build your units, you can call in reinforcements IIRC.


On a side note, Im running this game over 60FPS at maximum settings.


Feels good man

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So how many improvements are there from the first game? oh, that too can you play demons or is it just good marines gone bad ;)? I want my flamer deep strikes and my hearlds of Tzeentch shenanigans


not to be off topic too... but have you seen the space marine game coming out the alpha trailer looked rather brutal.

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yes I have, Fuck Yeah Ultramarines


If you play in multiplayer there is no base building, its unit requisition and its all about map control.


You can control Bloodletter daemons in multiplayer too.


The campaign is pure black ops style missions, only with your four squads that you choose. sometimes you can use a dreadnought.


its really good, as it tries to be closer to tabletop than Dawn of War was.

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