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Touhou Discussion (Bullet Hell)


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so just started getting into Tohou last year and was wondering if there were any more types of games in this genre . Oh and general Tohou discussion if theres any other fans my favorite characters are Yukari and Ran and for those of you who don't know what im talking about


is a typical boss battle in the game.
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I got all of mine from a friend so cant quite help you with a source. btw its all done by a one person development team. its not for profit as far as i know

There is a fan made anime with one episode out with some big name voice actors.

and a fighting game called Immaterial and missing powers, which will make any other fighting games characters just seem less cheap.




that's a website that has most information on the series, also several fan comics and flash animations .


and for the game in the video in my previous post look for "embodiment of the scarlet devil"


and I'm going to get back to playing them now since i just discovered you can beat bosses passively by dodging.

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