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  1. thanks raor! the info you gave me will help a lot
  2. oh yeah, did you ever do anything with that banner I made?
  3. renketsu0

    Tekken Tag 2

    I like it. Sidestepping feels a little better than it did in 6.
  4. Have you ever tried doing mathematics with values that represent a feeling or emotion that were assigned arbitrarily? Within that process, the secrets of the universe are found. Throw in probability and calculus and you become Buddha. No really I have a bad habot of using numbers for things like happiness ever since I had this die-hard utilitarianist as a teacher. A lot of what he taught was very useful stuff but now it's infiltrated my everyday speech. Radeon HD 6670, which I'll be upgrading soon. It was perfect on my old 1024x768 monitor, but after I switched to a new 1920x1080, I have a slightly annoying drop in framerate with the rest of the settings the same.
  5. I do, but I play on a modified master setting. Enemies do 2x damage to me, but I still do 1x damage to them rather than 0.5. I hated that the original 2x in, 0.5x out made magic so underpowered compared to weapons. The only real side effect now is that mages tend to instagib me, which is actually pretty fun. I wear resist magic 30% to compensate, which takes their damage to 1.4x normal. Much more managable, but they still drop me in seconds if I'm not warding or don't heal fast enough. That reminds me, I had the most epic battle with Krosis. Because of master difficulty and my low level at the time it took me a whole 30 minutes to defeat him, but not because of his health. It was because everytime he hit me with his staff of fireballs I'd be an inch from death. So I had to run/dodge until my magicka got back up to heal, then run and hide some more until I had enough to cast a destruction spell and hope I didn't get hit trying to land it. Oh and in case you've never had to dodge fireballs, let me tell you it is NOT easy. The splash damage makes it incredibly hard to avoid, and to make matters worse the AI was pretty smart with its aiming. I tried jumping to see if it would shoot them in the air at me, thus losing accuracy from the splash damage. NOPE. He'd aim at the spot I would land at. He also took advantage of the splash damage if I was behind an obstacle, specifically aiming at the ground nearby so the blast radius would catch me. Overall I'd say his accuracy with that thing was 80%. The battle lasted so long that he ran out of charges with his staff. I didn't even know NPCs used charges, I thought they were just unlimited. He switched to ice spike after that, which was much less accurate and damaging. Honestly if he didn't run out of charges it probably would have taken me another 10 minutes to finish him off. But after he was dead my sense of accomplishment went through the roof. I've never had a 30 minute boss fight, clinging to life the entire time, and won. Mods have extended my gameplay so much it's unreal. My overall enjoyment of Skyrim is roughly 1.7x what it used to be. I'm using subscribed 45 mods + 4 of my own fixing wards, wall spells, runes, and increasing the combat magicka regen rate to 50%. I once had doubts about getting a good gfx card to play on PC. It was well worth it and I'd highly recommend it.
  6. If you are gonna import your japanese better not suck. Otherwise you will probably regret it.
  7. It's not just you. I was also disappointed in the abundance of games I saw end by time. Getting damage is so heavily meter based that non-competitive players can't seem to finish each other off with normals and specials before time runs out. I don't know if this has changed since I last played but that plus the feel of the inputs and animations you mentioned were big turnoffs for me.
  8. I still play, just more locally than online. Lag is fantastic.
  9. God I'm absolutely loving that I got Skyrim on PC this time. Mod fixed the lack of perk effects on runes, cloak, and wall of x spells. Plus custom difficulty (enemies deal 2x, I deal normal damage) so magic doesn't get shat on with difficulty increases.
  10. I miss this game a lot. I can't wait to play it again!
  11. I'm still waiting for my copy to fall out of the sky onto my porch.
  12. I fixed the FRS tuning. It turns out I completely missed the special boost category when I copied things down the first time.
  13. I was supposed to post this design long ago but kept forgetting. So here it is, the only fA design I have any attatchment to, and probably the only one I can play somewhat seriously in. Main Head: EKHAZAR-HEAD Core: WHITE-GLINT/CORE Arms: A11-LATONA Legs: LG-LAHIRE FCS: FS-HOGIRE Generator: GN-JUDITH Main Booster:SO4- VIRTUE Back Booster: BB11-LATONA Side Booster: SB128-SCHEDAR Overed Booster: KB-JUDITH R Arm Unit: LB-ELTANIN L Arm Unit: MR-R102 R Back Unit: DEARBORN02 L Back Unit:RC01-PHACT Shoulder Unit: None R Hangar Unit: None L Hangar Unit: None Tuning 9/50/50/50 0/0/0/10 23/0/0/0 0/50/0/50 0/0/0/0 50/0/50/0 0/0/0/50 Stabilizers (0, -14) Head L Side: MADNESS/HSS2 Core Right Lower: CR-LAHIRE-OPT1 All others empty Paint (Yes I cared enough to custom paint this one) Head: (0,0,0)/(255,255,255)/(255,255,255)/(60,185,50)/(255,255,255)/(255,255,255)/(0,255,0) Core: (255,255,255)/(0,0,0)/(60,185,50)/(255,255,255)/(255,255,255)/(255,255,255) R/L Arms: (255,255,255)/(0,0,0)/(0,0,0)/(60,185,50)/(60,185,50)/(60,185,50) Legs: (255,255,255)/(0,0,0)/(60,185,50)/(60,185,50)/(255,255,255)/(60,185,50) R Arm Unit: (255,255,255)/(0,0,0)/(60,185,50)/(255,255,255) L Arm Unit: (255,255,255)/(0,0,0)/(60,185,50)/(60,185,50) R Back Unit: (255,255,255)/(0,0,0)/(60,185,50)/(255,255,255) L Back Unit: (255,255,255)/(0,0,0)/(0,0,0)/(60,185,50) Stabilizers Head L Side: (60,185,50)/(60,185,50)/(255,255,255)/(255,255,255) Core Right Lower: (255,255,255)/(60,185,50)/(255,255,255)/(255,255,255) Usage Notes: The blade is used primarily as a mobility tool, giving it ability to quickly gain or lose altitude, dodge missiles, or gain/close distance with its blade lunge. I only use it as a weapon if my opponent is very slow, in desperation if my opponent has a huge AP lead on me, or if he/she is just plain bad.
  14. I didn't watch the vid, and don't really want to but I have a different view of music than other people I've asked. Basically from my limited observations other people like to play songs that represent the mood they are in, so if a person is really angry they will probably play an angry song. Music is actually more of a tool to me, a tool that I use to control my mood at any given time. Rather than play an angry song when I'm angry I will play a calm one in contrast to induce me to calm down. Since angry and sad are emotions I never want, I typically don't listen to those kinds of songs at all and they make up maybe 3-4 of my 1000 or so library of songs. Also because of my take on music, the songs that are the best to me are the ones that can make the biggest change in my mood. For instance, Modal Soul by Nujabes has unconditionally put me in a state of serenity. Therefore it is one of the best in my list because of how effective it is for my goal. So things like difficulty and actual "goodness" don't show up anywhere in how much I like a song. Also as a result I am not a fan of any artists and I don't really share musical tastes with much of anyone
  15. http://shoryuken.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/character_megaman.jpg
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