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  1. http://m.kotaku.com/5966786/here-is-dark-souls-iis-debut-trailer I heard rumors and now I'm pretty excited.
  2. Kaleidoscope

    Dark Souls

    In the link Owen posted it just said PS3 and PC?
  3. Kaleidoscope

    Dark Souls

    They fucked 360 over, I guess that meas I'm getting the PC version.
  4. There using them for quick territory rushes not PVP. They run in blown up the 5 Helies And take the Territory in under a minute.
  5. The reason for the views with no replies is because it's a cookie-cutter build. Most people that post(I assume) do research. If you had you'd know that heavy RJs, dual USG-23, and dual lotus are very imbalanced. The community here(and mostly everywhere else) don't like people who use them.
  6. They need more VS's and snow. Don't integrate single an multi-player as its doomed to fail (Dark souls and Demon's souls were the only games that I enjoyed for a long period of time). I enjoyed the first one a lot and the 2nd one had its moments but lost is flair within a month.
  7. In most cases people want this game because it's an extremely customizable mech-game. If people use the same builds what's the point of making them customizable? Comparing this to a fighting game just doesn't really cut it as there aren't 500+ characters to choose from. Even then, a lot of the times it's just different skins with the same moves/style.
  8. No FA was broken because of the endless amount of energy you could have.
  9. I know the reason people use them. Sadly this game is probably going to die out because of it.
  10. It's not a big deal. Most of us on here help each other out and make fun of each other so don't take things we say too seriously. We're all one big dysfunctional family.
  11. There's a search bar for a reason, so use it. But since I'm here I'll answer. In game just to let you know the select/back button is your friend. -It tells you the type of damage the weapon uses. Kinetic Energy, Thermal Energy, and Chemical Energy. -Scrap parts unlock affinity weapons. Here's a link to where they all are: http://www.xbox360ac...ad.php?t=362629 -No it's a Laser rifle. Pulse weapons shot blue shots, except Karasawa is they only Laser weapon that shoots blue shots. -Energy Output. Again hitting the select/back button while you build your AC will give you all the decriptions you need. -The affinity weapons are basically tuned weapons. Here's another link: http://armoredcoreun...rmance-weapons/
  12. I'm just going to post a link to the other guys with the similar build instead of re-posting. http://armoredcoreun...713-sharkangel/
  13. Well since your new here I'll give you a heads up. http://armoredcoreuniverse.net/forum/index.php?/topic/2624-acv-post-your-emblems/page__st__40 http://armoredcoreuniverse.net/forum/index.php?/topic/51-armored-core-5-discussion/page__st__2760
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