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Well boxing in general has skills that translate into MMA quite well, not all but a good number.


England just has a history in boxing, Queensbury rules aka Queen's rules being a somewhat old-school boxing term; coming from the hay-day of boxing as a sport under the British Empire.

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Yeah, lots of skills from boxing do translate well, for sure. But the principles definitely don't apply directly in the least. If you were to do the hypothetical "style vs style" fight, boxing is one of the worst disciplines to have.


The guy who wrote those rules was the Marquess of Queensberry, which is why they're called the Queensberry rules. I don't think it has anything to do with a queen.


As an aside, we'll need Dangerberry Rules for the gladiator punishments we'll be administering. We can set up a Dept. of Fair Play or something to figure that out, prolly.


Not to say boxing isn't a phenomenal style to train in for an MMA fighter, though. But by itself it's pretty weak in the MMA arena.

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It's been awhile. Now that Victory day is out, I need to dust off my PS3 and get back in shape.


anyway. on to some fights:


Chavez Jr. is worthless. I no longer have any respect left for him. he took a fight at a certain weight, keeps raising it to light heavyweight, effectively loses, and is given a gift decision.


Did anyone really expect Canelo to beat Floyd?

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