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The Last Airbender


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I am...disappointed....


Saw it last night. Good...but...meh. It felt way beyond rushed. Some things were changed and didn't happen as they should have. Although they did keep all the major plot points pretty damn on point.


But it was ok.


Zuko did have his scar. It just wasn't as bad as the one in the show.

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This goes in the Batman and Robin basket with Transformers (1 & 2).


Fuck me. What the hell did I just watch? I made the even worse mistake of seeing this in 3D, and had to literally watch a significant portion of it with the glasses off to see what was going on (yes, it was still blurry, but I could see more this way).

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Don't fuckin' be hatin' on Batman & Robin. Childhood memories. Saw that movie at least forty times before I was nine.


Arnold Schwarzenegger rocks so hard.


And yeah. The 3D conversion of the movie was apparently so fuckshittastic they basically turned it to pure blackness. But hey, at least that makes it harder to notice that they casted the minority heroes as white people and the white antagonist as a minority. WHITE PEOPLE ARE THE GOOD GUYS, duhr.

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