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Chat Is Borked


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I've been told that turning off chat for about an hour should let their server recalibrate it and fix it up. That means everyone who is in chat has to leave and stay out for a bit. I'll turn it off so you can't rejoin by accident and mess it up though.


Thanks to nob for giving me the power to kill everyone in chat. Rest in peace innocent bystanders.



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It seems Invision Power has decided to cancel their IP Chat service in general without sending me an email beforehand or anything. That means current chat is dead.


I'm looking at a chat software called ChatBlazer, since it seems to be the best at replicating all the chat features we want (including logs for LS) as well as skins and colored text, etc. The problem is that it costs a good bit of money, so I'm gonna see if there's anything else to use until then. I'm also not entirely sure it integrates with IPB users, so that'll be a problem too. There aren't many functional chat services left out in this big wide world. They're all terrible copycats of simple phone text message programs.


If I can't find anything particularly useful then I'll probably just swap us to a generic IRC window or something like Discord, though I'd prefer not to have to resort to that. For now there's always the secret old Flash Chat, which is laggy cuz I have it hosted on the cheapest hosting known to man, and TeamSpeak's chat. TeamSpeak has both a voice and regular chat, so I recommend using either of those.


If you need the TeamSpeak server IP address or if you want a link to the old Flash Chat, just PM me and I'll send it to you.

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