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Tokyo Jungle


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Elton posted this on facebook. This game looks rad as hell. I don't know too much about it aside from some of the basic info from articles that came out about it, but I posted a trailer thing below. Basically humanity disappears from the world so all that's left is animals, so you play as animals trying to survive in the remains of Tokyo.



Here is another one:



I'm planning to pomeranian the fuck out of Tokyo. I saw a few in that second video butchering a hippo.


It came out in Japan, already, I think.

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imagine just crushing t-rexes with chicks. That'd be hilarious to watch, assuming it's possible.


I watched those vids you posted a bit, not the whole thing of course since I'm at work but maybe like 10 minutes of it total, and for whatever reason it kind of reminded me of E.V.O. back on the snes. Probably just the whole being an animal and eating other animals deal was what reminded me of it.

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What the fuck did I just watch?


Japan sure has some unique ideas. At lest this one doesn't involve school girls and some retarded plot.

Well can't say much for the plot.. but I'd play it.

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