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ACVD: Water and You


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As posted in another thread there are confirmed water based maps; which I completely love. However; water does not like me, namely my AC Disbolus (Zanshin of ACFA). Can't float, leaving my AC a target for just about everything... Have any of you made an AC specifically to combat game elements that naturally work against your style of combat? If so, what changes did you make? Reasons? End result of modifying AC and how it affects your play style?


Currently I have no experience to go about tackling such an issue above; if it's just me I must be really good at making bricks and new coral growth for the fishies in the sea....

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A couple of my builds struggle on water at times, but I've learned a few tricks. Usually it's right after a high boost that you'll find your AC sinking (at least that's my experience). Changing direction during the HB seems to make my ACs more floaty, although I'm not sure why.


Also, while I haven't tested it thoroughly yet, I THINK increasing your stability and/or altitude control makes it easier to stay afloat.


Holding the jump button as you start to sink can sometimes stop you from going under as well.

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Those maps where water are an issue are easy pickings for tank, lw and RJ pilots. If its a big issue for you those three seem to have the best traversing of watery graves. Quads and the others tend to be problematic as they fall far to fast to be useful unless glide boosting.


Did i mention glide boosting... that stuff. GREAT.

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I've seen UNAC AC's float and fight, even THE TANK !! So what the flying flapjacks is this con flammed jack cow tipping problem is going on here?? I'm thinking it might be the booster, I use high acceleration on mine, and I sink.


@Obliviondoll: Welcome to my world... And water...

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With my builds that sinks while blading, UNLESS I'm using the blades, I don't sink. NO changes to boosters, frame, or anything except weapons.


When you slash with a blade, your boosters cut out. When your boosters cut out, you sink. Oddly, this seems to happen in my case EVEN AFTER THE BOOSTERS COME BACK ON. I can be about 10m (a full AC height above the head of a target floating on the water) in the air, slash, and end up underwater and taking damage.


One of my older builds also struggles, and looking at the stats, I think it's stability that makes the difference.


Apparently there's mention of this being changed so floating is easier in the Japanese 1.01 patch notes, so hopefully that patch comes a LOT faster than ACV's patches and we can actually play PROPERLY on water soon. Because at the moment, there are certain things which are really tricky.

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