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Petition Time: ACVD Patches 2014


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I'm that guy who complains a lot. It's my thing, but from what I can tell, the Japanese have been updated extensively, while we're still stuck at regulation 1.2. To be honest, I haven't been the most informed, but I can tell you that I've been hard pressed to find any news about when the patch is dropping for certain. That concerns me, and I'm tired about hearing rumors about it dropping today, or tomorrow, or the week over. They said it's gonna pop up sometime after Christmas, but that's pretty vague, and only from one source. It's been a week since then, and I've been waiting for months now. Sometime, From's gonna have to support us, or we're gonna have to jump ship. I don't want to drop my favorite franchise so soon, so I'm doing this again. If there is any news or proof that it's definitively coming out on a precise date, I'll drop this, but until then, i'm tired of waiting.


Let's get updated.


https://www.change.org/petitions/from-s ... orms#share

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anyway, before I quit to played ACVD or any game for 3 months ago...what it happened at JP site is not that good for me, FROM got a lot of too much updating these patches and that make things much more bad than the start.


and LR is the best AC series for me : P

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