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Queen Drac Wraith

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AC Name: Disruption

AC Game: Armored Core Last Raven


Classification: Middleweight Bipedal

Core Type: Storage

Revision: 2.1







Head | Core | Arms | Legs


0/0/5/5/0 | 0/0/5/5/0 | 6/0/2/2/0 | 0/0/5/5/0



Booster | FCS | Generator | Radiator


0/0/2/8 | -N/A- | 0/10/0 | 0/0/10



Inside | Extension | R Back | L Back

-N/A- | E92RM3 | -N/A- | NYMPHE


R Arm | L Arm | R Hanger | L Hanger



Optional Parts:



Frame Color: Camouflage

- Base | Aid | Opt | Det | Jnt

R: 169 | 126 | 126 | 160 | 050

G: 158 | 102 | 102 | 080 | 050

B: 154 | 080 | 080 | 000 | 050


Weapon Color:

R Back | L Back | R Arm | L Arm | R Hangar | L Hangar



Statistics (Post FENRIR and NYMPHE/RM3 drop):

AP: 7942

Weight: 7394 (5312)

EN Supply: 3942 (4485)

Max Boost Speed: 411 (537)

Turning Speed: 1309 (1347)

Stability: 5967 (5996)

Cooling: 14871/17245

Def Shell/Energy: 1603/1541



Disruption: forcible separation or division into parts. The name is fitting since the camouflage is based on British Disruptive Pattern Material Desert. This is a design meant to rip opponents apart using the FENRIR and missiles while the SHADE is a weapon for finishing off the opponent.



Fire a few FENRIR shots with missiles and then purge both missiles and FENRIR. SHADE is used to finish off the opponent with a passive style of use.


Known Issues:

Initially slow and has low defenses. Head is ugly.


PvP Information:




AC is defense tested.

Edited by Queen Drac Wraith
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its wild reliable when u set it up certain ways


bscly its a top 5 gun in the game if u set it up right otherwise its like a bottom 20 hahaha


thing is to do it any way other than the most common way u run into serious problems that require a lot out of the player, sometimes impossible amounts

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thats fine but what im saying is it's unreliable even with support unless u do it a certain way, and then suddenly its great


pp and uv are very similar, and just about everyone's fenbot is similar to that pretty much since LR came out


heavier fenbot were popular in the bgng of LR's lifecycle cuz they were a throwback to NX/NB style competitiveness (slower bot with wild accurate gun)


once ppl started remembering u could move in LR they started dying off and the kinds u linked were the ones we saw


i rly like the colors on this bot tho

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Ya, mine does it because RS and Nymphe/RM3 on a bot that fast punishes well, Fenrir gives it enough punch to either crush heavies or take a massive AP lead by scoring a couple hits.


Owen's does it by using 98L and a similar setup, although I think he's is probably more meta since it makes use of the already heavy en-weapon optionals and cuz 98L is a gangster gun.


Both bots are pretty goddamn fast too, his is a bit quicker. Both get abusive fast after dropping Fenrir, which is probably it's best strength.


You don't have to make all 10 shots count, or even fire them. If you get a solid enough AP lead to carry on the rest of the bot, the speed gains you can pick up by dropping Fenrir are legit, and make a lot of strong setups even stronger.

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both urs and owen's use same missile set; pretty much everyone's fenbot does


mine does too


98l is energy rs pretty much


the only diff with mine aside from minor part choices is i use hp on r arm instead of fen cuz i wanted to play the bot more aggressive at first; i don't recommend that tho cuz its dangerous


u rly should be firing fen tho, not necessarily all 10 rounds that hardly matters, but firing it while ur missiles are still there is important, also firing long enough to break their legs/core or damage them is important. fen is good for that


the weird thing about fenrir is that at first glance u usually think "gee i should make *insert drac's bot*" but that doesn't work out in reality


next thought after that is usually "if i use OB i could probably improve the % accuracy" but u lose a lot of other stuff (defense, boost speed, etc) and u gotta actually know how to use OB a little bit then u realize man fk this i gotta think of a way to set the shots up


then u make the standard fenbot, it works, and ur all set

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Then you ask why you didn't just Griffon and something else.


nah l arm fen does a few things really well that other weapons can't match that's why u'd go with it


its like having 3 griffons strapped to l arm hahahahaha, there's just no matching that kind of one hit firepower


standard fenbot set is like a part break every time if u land even ~80% of a volley (so like some rm3 some nymphe and a fen shot)


edited for clarity

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I've done stuff with the standard FENRIR setup. I'm also familiar with both Pin Prick and Ultraviolet. I was just trying something different. WHY FENRIR, WHY ARE YOU SO SPECIFIC??????????????????

Guess I'll modify this at some point to be... the same FENRIR bot... that everyone else uses...


Hmm, what to put in the right hand... RL is decent but perhaps I should take advantage of the energy optional part enhancements. SHADE is good as well. Speaking of which, how does RL stack up to SHADE (this is a question more relevant to Blasphemer, BUT IT STILL MATTERS HERE)? 98L as an energy RS... that gives me ideas.

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I only put RL on my bot because it fits the Ultraviolet theme. Otherwise I'd use RS, RS is generally the slightly better gun. RS got better velocity but RL got the projectile girth so both are around the same accuracy, but RS doesn't drain ur energy.
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