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painting questions on nineball ver model kit (orginal one)

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ok decided to buy the orginal Kotobukiya nineball (ps1 era one; http://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10159299 ) and was looking into advice on how to paint it and what paints to use. understand you don't have to paint it however really wanted to make my nineball stand out as he's a really totemic part of armored core as well as one of my favourite games from my childhood.


I believe the correct paints were mr. color paints if memory serves me right and found a blog that translated the manual's paints (here but unfortunately the entry has since gone; http://www.mech9.com/blog/2012/03/172-ni...-manual/2/) so anyone got a idea what the offical/best paints are to use?. gonna try and use a black gundam marker for the outlines though not sure if thats a good idea.


I have painting experience in my highschool hayday with warhammer 40k but this is a new beast for me ( used to spray painting a black undercoat then painting ontop of that layer but yea this seems completely different).


any tips on painting (couldnt find tips on painting on site, I am fine on building due to prior experience with sprues and stuff, though would your typical superglue suffice or would a cement type be better? its been a while).


also just got fascinator too so any tips on how to paint her would be appreciated too


thanks for your time

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I'm not sure about the exact paints to use, but the standard practice would be to have an air compressor, airbrush, ventilation box with exhaust out the window, and already have your pieces sanded and primed using white or gray beforehand.


Youtube channel Steezy has lots of good vids on painting tutorials and techniques as well. Although he works on gundam stuff, it's not too different from the ABS plastic kotobukiya kits.

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i painted models with rattle can but you definitely need to surface + primer and some sticks with masking tape


80% of all paint jobs is sanding and priming


to sand down ur plastic parts, use between 600 and 1200 grit sandpaper and get an assortment of sanding blocks and utensils to get those small details and such


it might help to practice on a junk model that you might buy at a craft store for $20


also google helps a ton

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Gonna use this thread to ask a question of my own.


Does anybody have any ideas on how to paint an AC model like the Nineball one that have the emblem on the plastic? I mean I want the emblem there, but it's not like they have it as a decal that can be put on afterwards.

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Hmm... You could cut out some kind of painter's tape or duct tape or something and cover it up. Just make it slightly extend over the edges of the decal then paint around it. When you're done, just remove the tape and then paint VERY CAREFULLY around the edges using the tip of a toothpick. You'd be surprised how well that works.
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