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Character Creator (AC6)

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I hope they provide a character creator to really give full immersion. Although we wouldn’t see the pilot it would add a great element to the game that plays with imagination and knowing you have a pilot that is sitting in your wonderful machine of steel metal and guns would fulfill that fantasy of mech/ pilot unification 

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Yeah I think most people just wanna make the mech, but I can certainly imagine there are people who want to make the pilot too. What you can do is use AI art creation software to make the pilot using text prompts. Software like Stable Diffusion, etc.

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Procedural generation has been pretty popular in games and I could see continuous AI generation becoming a thing in the near future. Always online required, and constantly scraping the internet to compile new levels based on Mass Effect style dialogue options/input.

Not any of the other games that have used that system, though. Just Mass Effect, because it's GOAT.

Having something else to customize would be alright, but most peoples' results are going to look AI generated anyway.

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