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What's your AC leitmotif?

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A player is playing through an AC game having just trampled over a squadron or two of MTs with air support, the only thing that was between him and the objective. Confidently he begins to continue forward, but that confidence is soon shattered with a call from his operator.

"Raven, keep an eye out, you have another enemy moving on your position... Wait a minute.... It's an AC!!"

Cue your AC entering the fray (Carried by copter, dropped from transport, VOB, or just walking around the corner, doesn't matter), your character clearly informing the player that he won't be getting past you, as your own badass theme music starts to build up in the background.



tl;dr - You and your AC are a boss fight in an AC game, what's your boss music?




Now it may seem "too easy" but for me it's gotta be

from the first Devil May Cry game. Having played DMC between AC2 and AC3, the utter coolness of that game, and more particularly that boss and his theme pushed me to change the spelling of my name from spelling it with an "i" to an "o" when AC3 came out. And I've taken his fight song as my own ever since.

So what about you guys?

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Circulation All Over.


Maybe Free Verse, Mode [Cut Up Version], or At That Time for earlier missions in which I just meddle in the affairs of the player like a total douchebag.

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From within the AC series? I'd have go with the modified version of the SL intro theme that was used for some of the levels.


If I had to pick something original, it'd be this:




I figured I'd go with something fitting enough for the AC series, and this reminds me a lot of Nineball's theme stylistically. I'm sure I could think of a more fitting instrumental, but I suppose this will do for now.

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