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Monster Drawing


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Here's a drawing I did a little more than a year ago. It was done in my sketchbook with a mechanical pencil, some darker shading pencils and a blending stick. It is a bit of a surrealistic drawing of some sort of creature or being, there's no story behind it. I had the idea and wanted to bring it out. I originally just drew the main figure to the left by itself, but decided to bring the drawing to the right more in order to balance the page. This resulted in me drawing the figure duplicate to the right as well which turned out interesting and satisfying. Let me know what you think. Thanks and enjoy.



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Thanks for the comments.


more creepy without mouth


also lacks genitals

I know where you're coming from with the mouth and I'd have to say I agree. I'm glad I got two variations in though.


Also thats not the first time i've heard that about the genitals, my "monster" drawings get that one alot haha.



What can I say, I feel pretty avenged!

Never pass up the opportunity for great vengeance.

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That thing looks like it'd pack an insane power:weight ratio. Organs take the backburner with this one. Bones look pretty fragile, but with how fast it looks I'd rather it not be any harder to kill (at least not if this was one of my enemies)


I like this post.

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