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Day One.





As a part of my education,I am to be a intern at a top hospital in Baltimore.(See Sinai @ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LifeBridge_Health)


I had a family member in the upper branch say a kind word or two for the internships that many hospitals in Baltimore occasionally have.Mainly though one as he's a top veteran of 37 years in Sinai itself,yeah you read that right-I lucked out only because my pap's been there for so long.




I first went there last monday (23rd).For the most part,disregarding the blood,piss,tears,sweat,vomit and other bodily fluids it wasn't that bad.Also they have a rad ****ing cafeteria in the basement,like seriously the food is orgasmic-expensive but orgasmic.




I got to see a few interesting cases the first day,wanna know how they fix brain aneurysms?They work through your groin (either side) up through your spinal area with a long piece of delicate tampered metal string.Then they use another string called a "glider" to push the metal part in, the metal part wants to natural curl-so as it is pushed inside the aneurysm it continues to fill it redirecting flow and making sure it wont happen again.The hospital makes $60,000 EVERYTIME they do a case like this.Did I mention the area that sees the most work is one of the most large and expensive operating rooms in the country?Yea,needless to say I was pretty happy.


Well that bout wraps up that,I'll continue to log my entries at Sinai every monday,seeing how that's the only day I get to leave college to go there.

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Hey, that's a nice job to get and getting it cuz your dad works there is definitely fine. Haha. I wouldn't be able to handle it, tbh. Cutting people up and doing strange things to their bodies make me feel pretty wishy-washy. At least you're likely to make a good bit of money this way.=3
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