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D2 Aug/30th/010




As much as awesome the last visit was,this one was more or less of a joke.I finally know what it's like on a day where the hospital is a ghost town.It mostly consisted of me,pap and a few of his friends on youtube drinking lukewarm coffee and stale muffins.


It would seem it's only this ward though,the other ones were seeing work but I geuss sometimes you just strike out.Pap doesn't seem to mind it most though,say's it gives him time to relaxe and not have to go through so many advil.Can't say I blame him,so much screaming it's a wonder he doesn't go insane.


Got 1 case though,M/47/African American/HIV Positive.


Poor guy was homeless so the hospital could only keep him for a maximum of one night.Had some bile forming in his lower statusphere so the tech's there just plopped a little hose in him and drained it out.You might think it's green or some bright color,but actually it's a very dark brown.I was at first disgusted but eh, that's the human body can't really be too judgemental bout it.Besides that there weren't many other cases or at least the ones I got to view.


College is keeping me somewhat behind as of late and I meant to put this blog in sooner.Life hits you hard once your outta HS eh?Anyways I'll try to keep this more up to date.

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HAHA, Doctors keeping that utoobs healthy. Werd. Yah, life after HS slowly starts taking up time and then it gets wierd to go back and do things you used to do regularly cuz you feel like you need to devote more time to it than you have. Mostly it's just weird.
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