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  1. CoD: Canadian Front. just putting that out there...
  2. I got SC up and running again. Need a match or two...
  3. Nice drawing Nomrah. Nice avenge-ing NIJI
  4. His scar is not as bad?! FUCK YOU MISTER DIRECTOR!
  5. Can I be of use? this sounds like something to kill time with.
  6. Question is... Did they give Zuko his scar?
  7. I wish to see this movie so I can mock how they never gave Zuko his scar. (Least that's what my friend told me)
  8. I beat them using dual KARURA's, PIXIE3 and useless blade. Just keep your distance and spam micro missiles, well, save as much missles are you can for Bullet Life, send a two or three waves at Zuben, then go in and PIXIE him to death, when Bullet Life comes out, Missile him, missile him hard. I'm sure there are better ways then mine, but oh well.
  9. I believe in two things...Speed and looks...pretty much it. But AP is good too.
  10. My new AC runs G84P gen, hasn't gave me trouble yet.
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