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FROM SOFTWARE Official Partnership

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I went ahead and signed up ACU as an official partner for the AC5 season of promotional campaigning for FROM SOFTWARE.


Now, you might be wondering what this does for us and what it means for the future of ACU. Well, I'll tell you. Almost nothing! Being an official partner doesn't do much more than give us the ability to host tournaments on the Official Partnership site provided by FROM, a link from their site to ours, and potentially a fancy supporter icon since I joined as soon as it started up. We're number 286. I'm not sure if I get one, though.


There may be other benefits that they give out later on, but I highly doubt it. It's really just a form of promotion, but I figured it might give some of you a giggle to know we're OFFICIAL PARTNERS. More importantly, it gives us a bit of publicity with the Japanese. I already found Ombre on there and struck up a little chat with him, so who knows? Maybe something will come of this. Don't expect much, though.


Here's the link to the page if you want to check it out: ACU Partnership Page


Yes. I know it says we're located in Okinawa.

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It would be nice if we could play generation 1 Armored Core games online through PSN or XBL.


Virtually everyone on Kaillera cheats and mods the weapons. Worse yet, they're so bad at the game they lose with the modded weapons.


If there are any AC, PP, or MOA tournaments, I'm interested. Otherwise, meh. These new games aren't as fast. I'd rather lay waste to people in VOOT.

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