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So, I'll start by talking about UFC 123.


I'm really only going to talk about the main card fights, because that's all I watched.


George Sotiropoulis wins via submission, he's a good fighter, but he needs to learn to be more aggressive.


Phil Davis = great up and coming fighter, invented the Mr. Wonderful do sub the technically superior Boetsch.


Falcao, impressive striking and TDD, but again, needs to learn how to be aggressive, but should have been fired for that 3rd round.


BJ Penn, what can I say, I don't like the guy (met him in person, kind of a douche) but he's a really talented fighter, and has shown that he's still got the fire; unlike his last couple of lulzy performances against Frankie Edgar and GSP, I'm glad he's back.


Jackson, well can't say I'm happy with the fight, but I agree (Rampage won 2, Machida won 1; rounds that is) with the judges and I'm happy that he won, he was the only one being aggressive, not that it matters much Shogun will beat either Rampage or Machida.




So that's my take on UFC 123, I wish I watched the prelims and stuff, as they appeared to be more interesting, but I was hitting the gravity bong, oh well.


I am waiting to see GSP beat on Koscheck, I used to hate GSP, now I kinda like him, being that patient and tolerant with a huge loud-mouth d-bag like Koscheck on the Ultimate Fighter = virtuous patience. I'm also pretty sure Koscheck is going to get beaten like a schoolgirl when he fights GSP, just sayin.

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Yeah I didn't get to watch it yet. Could you speak a little more on the Machida-Jackson fight? I haven't gotten to read anything on it yet and I won't have time to watch it at work. I'm interested to know particulars on the fight, though.


Machida, historically, is boring as shit. He's been exciting the last few fights until he got KTFO. Did he revert to fighting boring since that? That's sort of what it sounded like.

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Pretty much, it was seriously lame, Rampage was trying, Machida is just the quicker fighter so if he wants to prance backwards for 15 minutes, that's what he's going to do.


If I was Dana, I would start sitting ring side with two boxes filled with both fighters pay, and if they weren't fighting, start chucking stacks of cash into the audience or something, I would seriously make an announcement after either the Harris/Falcao or Rampage/Machida fight and go "look, if either of you fight like that next fight, your fired" and start making the sport, which is about being entertaining, entertaining.

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Todd Duffee, aka Duffman



got destroyed by Alistair Overeem.



Guess quitting the UFC after a bad loss, and getting a fight with a Top 10 heavyweight is bad idea.


Fight starts at 3:10

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I don't think Alistair is on roids, Dana White is looking to sign him, Joe Rogan is getting lots of people amped up about him, etc.. etc..


If there was some claim to roids, I'm pretty sure Duffy being American would have made that assumption and demanded a drug test.


But that's my opinion, I don't know for sure.

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I just remember watching him for years in K1 and Pride and then seeing him go to Strikeforce and becoming the incredible hulk. A very jarring transformation for me.


I wouldn't put too much stock in Dana wanting to sign him meaning anything about ubereem being on roids. He signed Brock, afterall. Dood looked roided back in the WWE, and most of the WWE guys are roided. I bet we never get a real answer to this, though. For all intents and purposes we can treat them as clean whether or not they actually are, most likely.

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Yeah, but there was alittle build up on Ubereem, he was getting bigger late Pride, and started getting huge in Strikeforce, he didn't just blow up overnight.


Brock, yeah, not much to say in that department.



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Fedor got creamed by Antonio Silva, he's prolly going to retire soon.


Arlovski got knocked out, again; by Sergei Kharinatov.


I'll miss Fedor, he was such a dope fighter, but it's true, a 35 y/o 230lb Russian can't compete in a 265lb division that no longer lacks talent like it did in his hey-day, not to mention he's no longer in his physical prime anymore.

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we soon see


oh wait



Jones >>>>>>>(Superior Gifted Athlete with the longest reach)>>>>>>>>> Rua > Rampage > Machida >>> Evans >>>Griffin


with the way Rua was giving Jones a blowjob in that match instead of punching him, the LHW division is locked for good, and Jones is just 23 with lots of rooms for improve (drastically improved from his last fight)


see the Barrier?


only OVEROIDREEM could beat Jones









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Ubereem is 265, I don't think anybody in the HW division has any substantial physical edge on the Reem.


Jones is 205, putting Jones in a fight with Overeem would be a mis-match.


EDIT: Heavyweight is a 265 weight division, just FYI.

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