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Chris Weidman, the UFC Middleweight Champ, man who beat Anderson Silva, twice; recovering after knee-surgery.


In other news, Eddie Bravo grappled Royler Gracie to a draw. The general consensus is Bravo got the better of Royler again, in their rematch 11 years in the waiting. The Gracies are all kerfuffle over this, as they usually are whenever one of their kin loses.


To remind you, the Gracies complain about point fighting in competitions like ADCC. Even thou Royler spent the whole 20 minute match w/ EB stallin, particularly the last 5-6 minutes holding on to EB's gi pants to defend a brutal leg lock EB calls "The Vaporizer".


When Sakuraba beat a slew of Gracies in Pride, and Royce got butthurt and called him out in a no-time limit match and got stomped for 90 minutes before quiting; they made Sakuraba an "honorary" Gracie so that Royce could hold onto not losing to anyone who wasn't a Gracie thing, until he got mashed by Matt Hughes.


When Rickson Gracie, the family superman, who caught shit from papa Helio Gracie (the grand poo-bah of BJJ) for padding his record with practice matches, lost to Ron Tripp in a grappling match after getting KO'd when Tripp threw him on his dome. Rickson bs'd about not knowing the rules, and stuck with saying he was undefeated. Rickson even made up a rematch where he subbed Ron Tripp, which never happened.


If you go watch the match, it's fairly interesting if you like grappling. Then go watch the "Gracie Breakdown" they basically blabber on about how Royler was never in danger, and Gracie BJJ is bestest. But they do a blatantly horrible job talking about how Royler got controlled, and a normal human being would be in agonizing pain, and if Royler wasn't stalling he'd have a dislocated knee and ankle if he couldn't hold onto EB's gi pants.


Brazilians gonna Brazil.

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Last night, was an amazing card @ UFC 189. The prelims honestly sucked until the last fight, Matt Brown v. Tim Means which was a great fight. But from there on that night, the Just Bleed God was one happy motherfucker. And while most people are most concerned with Irish sensation Conor McGregor. I think Dana White said it best, that Greatest Fight Ever, could very well be Robbie Lawler v. Rory MacDonald 2.



First round honestly was lack luster, but it was a slow start to a tremendous war. Probably the first big moment was Rory landing a high kick that rocked Robbie.



This was the end of the fourth round.



Rory eventually found a shattered nose being punched in by Lawler to be the straw that broke the camel's back.



This was immediately after the stop.






Definitely my vote for FOTY.

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