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UFC 154 was pretty good.


GSP gave Condit the beat-down blanket treatment for 5 rounds. Condit managed to rock GSP in the 3rd with a head kick, but it was for not. GSP ended up looking worse post-fight if it's any consolation to the NBK.


Big Rig Hendricks put Kampmann on his ass in the first minute of round 1. Meaning he's got two consecutive 1st round, 1st minute KO's.


Tom Lawlor got robbed by the Judges when Carmont got the decision victory. But as Uncle Dana said, they both lost in his eyes. Neither man pushed the fight honestly, and it was total shit.


Pablo Garza put the scunion on Hominick, hard to see Hominick look so bad in his last couple of fights. But it's also interesting to see prospects that might give Aldo a fight.


Cote vs. Sakara was a DQ for Sakara after he delivered 5 illegal blows to the back of Cote's head. Referee Dan M. was hot on the call and they weren't declared illegal until after he stopped the fight and the Judges ruled it a DQ.


Cyrille gave Griggs the snake, popped him in the face (aka Cobra Strike) and then choked the shit out of him (aka the Constrictor). I'm a fan of the old frenchmen, so that was a cool one for me.


Makdessi vs. Stout was so boring and stupid, nobody cares that Stout loss by running into Makdessi's jab 300 times.


Antonio Carvahlo beat Brazilian Rodrigo Damm by kicking his leg and hoping around for 15 minutes, in another white-knuckle slugfest.


Riddle and Maguire was somewhat boring, basicallyb ecause Maguire couldn't get it to the ground to use his Pink Belt in Gypsy Jiu-Jitsu, and Riddle couldn't finish Maguire because he's too much of a tad. Riddle won by decision.


Ivan Menjivar gave the Russian/Dagestanian Azamat Gashimov a beautiful Russian/Sambo-style belly-down armbar in the 1st and probably wrecked the young slav's elbow for a couple months.


Darren Elkins was able to control Steven Siler for pretty much the whole 15 minutes and pound on him, but was unable to finish, winning by decision.

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UFC 156 was pretty good.


Prelims were all pretty good, aside from 1 iirc.


Main Card was pretty dope.


The featherweight fight was entertaining but meh.


Fitch got Fitch'd by Maia which was funny.


Overeem made an ass out of himself by keeping his hands down vs. Bigfoot.




Rashad made another mediocre performance and lost to Little Nog.


Edgar and Aldo put on a damn good fight, but Aldo won out.

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UFC 157 was pretty dope, only had 2 stinkers I watched.


Ronda Rousey won by first round armbar for the 7th time, although Liz actually got her into some trouble with a rear-naked/neck crank; but she didn't body triangle. It was a pretty awesome fight to watch.


Machida won by split-decision over the aging vet Dan Henderson. This was the WORST fight of the night, even though they were hyping it up to be a fireworks show. It's not surprising thou, Lyoto refuses to engage anyone at any time and basically waits to counter, Dan wasn't fast enough to really cut the octagon off to Lyoto and couldn't land dick. It was a massive bore, that fortunately made a good main event all the more badass. I'll be waiting to watch Lyoto lose again horribly to Jones.


Urijah Faber choked out Ivan Menjivar in the battle of the J's. It was pretty good, although not terribly exciting. Uriah will probably lose again to Cruz or Barao thou, so it's whatever.


Court McGee won by unanimous decision in a pretty good slugfest w/ Josh Neer. McGee needs to work on his killer instincts thou, he hurt Neer in the 1st with liver shots and never went for them again. It could have been an easy TKO finish for the Amish. It's nice to see Court at 170 thou, because he was too small for 185.


Robbie Lawlor got the upset TKO over Koscheck, which is what I was expecting, Koscheck came out strong with a takedown; but Lawlor wasn't a pushover and eventually got up and put hands on Kos. Won knockout of the night, and I'm in total agreement with that.


Brendan Shaub won a smart, albeit boring victory of Lavar Johnson. Johnson being able to knockout small galactic clusters with his haymakers, Schaub took him down with rudimentary wrestling and controlled him for the fight. I like Lavar because he can KO people, but if you can't do anything to stop takedowns, get off the ground, or atleast threaten subs you really have no business in the UFC.


Michael Chiesa won via RNC after getting whipped in the 1st against Finnish Anton Kuivanen. Not much to say here, the Finn had it on the feet but lost it on the ground.


Dennis "The Menace" Bermudez won in a epic battle for the ages vs. Matt Grice. Both dudes were getting tired by the end, tired from slamming their hand bones into the other dudes head and neck. It won fight of the night, and will be a candidate for fight of the year, I'm sure. Seriously, kudos to both dudes. It was split-decision, but only because both dudes were such BAMFs.


Sam Stout apparently won via split-decsion over Carlos Fodor, didn't catch the fight, I assume it was boring.


Kenny Robertson pulled out a KeKneeBar against Brock Jardine for the win and submission of the night. Of course random sherdogger somewhere was whining that he didn't invent the move because some obscure Sambo guy 20 years ago kinda did the same move. The internet held a moment of silence for the butt devestated by the hurt.


The other two FB prelims I didn't catch either.


Diaz 1,2,5.

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I can't respect Rousey or anyone who looks for a submission from the very start, only looking to ever fight from that point. Likewise, I can't respect Machida for always playing the matador and nothing else. Ever. It's not to say that they aren't skilled, because they certainly are. However, I just cannot respect their tactics at all. Anything goes, but not everything is respected.


Rousey was very smart and calm-minded, knowing she was in trouble from Carmouche, a brutal striker. She fought well and acted accordingly, taking it to the ground when she was in trouble.


Lyoto was a puss the whole fight but his reflexes and accuracy are top-notch, however I can't celebrate that too much when Dan just runs in like a bull. Not like you need much accuracy to hit someone coming straight at you. Dan should've just kept running towards him, keeping his hands up. He would've caught Machida eventually, as he ran backwards the entire time. Knowing Machida, he won't throw anything until he knows he won't be hit back or has stable footing to throw one, which would be his downfall if Dan kept chasing and chasing him.


Urijah is a favorite of mine. He fights very well, has a calm mind, and has good instincts. It's why people like Cruz or Aldo can't TKO or defeat him outright. He's always able to put up a good fight, even against those who are better. He can actually defeat Cruz because the basis of Cruz's style is to plod around like a dumbass to confuse his opponents and have them throw and miss. When they miss then sets up his own. If they don't throw then he goads them with occasional jabs or kicks. It's so obvious but of course things are different when you're actually in the ring. Urijah just needs to pressure him while he's moving all crazy because he's unbalanced all the while until he sees an opening, to which he adjusts his footing to throw a strike. Happens every time. That stance adjustment alone should be enough to subvert Cruz's counter.


Anyways, he did well against Ivan and got out of that submission attempt well (I can't remember what he did exactly...) and got the win with his own rear-necked choke.


Court is a smart fighter. He has zero power but he's smart with it. He throws countless punches, albeit weak, to throw off and pressure his opponents, landing a kick every so often. It was real clever the way he did that, he neutralized Neer's power. However, Court's style had a severe flaw. If you do the same thing back, and in Neer's case, threw in a powerful hook every so often, you'd easily break him. I noticed that Court couldn't stand the weather the few times Neer dished out a good punch or combination. I noticed Court's weakness when, at times, Neer also threw more than two punches. It interrupted his flow. A good fight, Court didn't lose his composure when Neer pressed back at times, but like you said, Raor, he needs to pick up on times to finish his opponent, like those two liver shots.


Koscheck isn't who he used to be anymore, poor sap. Lawlor has great power and composure, which is why he held it together despite Koscheck's good start, and took him out.


I didn't watch the initial fights.

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Yeah, Barao is no joke. I respect him a lot because he can do everything. He's a great striker who is fast and powerful who doesn't leave openings so much when he strikes but can also, in the blink of an eye, switch to a takedown/submission attempt. Like, fast. As much as I like Urijah, I can't say his chances are good against Barao. One mistake and he's on you to tap you out, and he's a beast up-top. It'll be an interesting fight because Urijah always toughs it out well. He can't handle him on the ground, he'll have to catch him with a good hit.
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Yeah. Luckily Barao isn't quite invincible stand-up, but he's very alert and has good head movement. He's a more vicious striker than Urijah but he often pulls a Wanderlei and strikes rather rhythmically, twisting his body to either side with each punch for power and speed during flurries. Maybe he can work around that. Time something, I don't know. We'll see it goes down. Speculation is infective but useless.
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UFC 161 was terrible, only 2 finishes out of 12+ fights.




<- Skip to ~2:00


Steve Mazzagatti, one of the Referee's under the employ of the NSAC (the Ref's don't work for the UFC just FYI), let Jon Fitch get cranked in a guillotine, where the other dude Burkman was standing up, holding his hand up before Mazzagatti even moves to do his job.



Uncle Dana is mad, but that's pretty normal.

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