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idk what TRT is.


What I do know is he failed his piss test with a 14:1 T/E ratio. You get that from taking lots of testosterone. Dood looks like he's doping hardcore, he's looked that way for awhile now, and yeah I'd agree a lot of MMA guys are doping. That wouldn't surprise me in the least. At least in the US.


All ubereem did was confirm what everyone suspected. No biggie. Let him fight anyways. I don't care about fair fights, I just want to see him hulk out and cave Dos Santos' head in, in the literal sense.


Oh and I wasn't able to open your link from work.


I read it from other sources/saw it on TV during a basketball game.

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The Alexander Gustufson vs. Thiago Silva fight was LAME, as where alot of the fights.


Briann Stann got a nice little KO vs. Sakara on the ground.


Siyar Bahadurzada knocked Paulo Thiago into a coma with a short right.



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Figured the defense would be something like that.


He should be cleared tomorrow if he's still doing his hearing, provided there's been no more medication.


I'm kinda pissed they took him off the card, the NSAC couldn't suspend him as he's not licensed under the NSAC.

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