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I definitely wouldn't mind seeing a colon maxing scene where me and PD face off, Mano-a-Mano.


Would a colon maxing battle really be mano-a-mano?


Hmmmm...a question for the ages.


Colon maxing = hardcore anal sex, basically. It means you dominated someone, usually. Or I guess it could mean you literally just had rough anal with 'em.

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Nothing is as serious as anal rape, son.


The level of seriousness is so serious that in falls in none existence.


But yeah he was writing it seriously, don't mind us and our tomfoolery, haha. Hook him up with reviews, critiquing by another writer would probably be a good thing for him.


Originally I was going to write up a serious review/critique.


Yes, please do.


I need some reviews... Need to perfect my english (I'm not an english speaking native)

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Anyway, I was joking haha.


I'll be generic since there's only 2 chapters so far. First off, for not being your primary language this is really well, I would never had guessed that was the case. Writing in first person is a challenge in it of itself, not many people can pull off something constantly engaging with first person. Depending on how you write it you can limit the reader to only really know one character. I'm not saying that's the case here, but it's one of the drawbacks and risks of first person. It also depends on the type of story you want to present, if you want it to solely focus on the protagonist and only have the reader see into his/her mind than that's not really a big issue. Either way, so far, the way you're presenting the story is good. I'm not going to go into stylistic properties or anything like that right now, again since it's only 2 chapters.


Story and plot wise, it's already unique since you're not having the protagonist start off as the highly skilled hero. You've managed to capture an audience which is what writers want/need to do.


Having cameos is always a plus too, because it makes it that more appealing and gives it a community feel.


That being said it's off to a very good start.

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have any LYNX (or NEXT) in the future?


Maybe. If you read chapter 1 carefully, there's a small detail that might point towards the apparition of at least ONE NEXT. Of course, that's MAYBE.



Chapter 3 is up.

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Oh cool I'll read it now!


screw nexts AC4 is not AC.


I don't use dingo2? What's my bot like in your story? Or is that something I gotta wait to see?


most of the returning cast have got the same AC they had in "Lost Chronicles". You're one exception...


Hint: Not a NEXT, but AALIYAH.




I'll make a character sheet soon enough.

I've currently borrowed my PS2 to someone else, thus why I didn't show any designs or do a character sheet.



edit: P.S: Thanks a lot Niji for the help. Instill have to sort out how to properly put the chapters in scrolling down order, from first to last. For now, I'm putting in false dates... XD

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New idea, if people on here are going to submit their names for characters for the fan-fic, they must participate in the Alignment topic and/or submit a possible AC design.


PS2 era games, doesn't have to make an actually good AC, just mechanically how you'd like it to work.


I've actually been dicking around on LR because I lost my SL file *epic sad face*.

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I'm kind of eager to see my bot, now. Remora and back cannons with no PLUS? Color me intrigued!


The no dingo2 thing is also sorta strange. Those are like the most agile midweights in the game by far, and I thought Aaliyah was an agile midweight type of frame?

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