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AC Name: Barghest

AC Designation: High Aggresion Pistoleer



Core Frame:

Head | Core | Arms | Legs

EYE3 | C75U2 | LEMUR | LH96FA

0/0/8/2/0 | 0/0/9/1/0 | 4/2/0/4/0 | 0/0/0/10/0


Internal Systems:

Booster | FCS | Generator | Radiator


0/0/8/2 | N/A | 0/10/0 | 0/0/10


Weapons and Armaments:

Inside | Extension | R Back | L Back

URCHIN | N/A | N/A | N/A

R Arm | L Arm | R Hanger | L Hanger



Optional Parts:



Frame Color:


Base: 80/20/10

Aid: 120/0/0

Optional: 80/80/90

Detail: 70/130/40

Joint: 80/80/90


Weapons Color:

All Black


AP: 9015

Weight: 7344

En Supply: 3558

MBS: 435

Turning speed: 1183

Stability: 10661

Cooling/F. Cooling: 15608/17982

Defense: Shell/En: 2032/1900


Description: The easiest description that can be given to this AC is a High Aggresion Pistoleer. It has High AP, High defense, High stability. It's intended for getting up into your opponents face and staying there while you stun lock your opponent into submission and strip their AP away.


This AC seems like a Heavyweight from looking at it but it is in fact on the lighter end of the MW spectrum. I have been working on this design for almost a week tweaking it here or there to try and get the most out of it defense wise but I need input from you guys here to make it better, if that can be done.


Tactics: As this starts out at a speed of about 435 kph, it should be easy enough to get up into your opponent's face and lay into them with Ghost2/HP/Urchin combo, and strip away their AP.


Known Issues: Defenses are somewhat unbalanced. This AC will have a bit of a time dealing with a mid to long range build if your opponent is playing such an AC.


Notes: I would like to keep the AC as close to it's intended purpose as possible, so please keep that in mind when you make any suggestions on possible changes to the frame or weapons.


The 69H/Wraith in the hangers are there if your targeting sucks balls.


Limpet is being used as a personal preference by me, but F73H will do just as nicely on here.


I have no picture for this as I loaned my camera to my girlfriend, so if it's possible I would like to make a request of TM outside of his topic to provide a high quality picture of this bot.

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H2 sucks to be blunt, and i haven't sacrificed any firepower at all for endurance. Firepower isn't something that the stats tell very well.


Using U2 gives me good heat resistance second only to UA. i have a low cal value gen, higher than normal cooling, really good stability, 9000+ AP, really good defense ( if a little unbalanced ), 435 kph MBS, weapons that can stun lock an opponent and strip away AP at the same time.


You'd be surprised at what a handgun wielding AC can do to other types. 9 times out of 10 i don't even get around to using the hangered weapons.

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wait a minute... isn't that H3 banned? or maybe you're applying RR rules where it is a Conditional? of course that would stunlock... or genbust lock 'em. How good are your player opponents btw? I'm sure they don't suck like



there's nothing really wrong with the frame and stats... in fact, it's kinda too Cold for GULL. I'm just a little concerned about its weird form of firepower, and its win rate that you may be pointing out as on the high side.

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For those who must obey the bans, HP has replaced H3. This simply means that you will run out of ammo sooner on the left and be forced to go to the hangered weapon on that side. But as HP has near rifle like attack power then it means verry little.


Yes Term it does have a special lock, but with the WS lock weapon on the left it makes little difference. Limpet is ideal IMO for something running close range weapons.

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Ever thought of putting OB on that thing to compensate the low speed?


435 actually isn't that slow for an AC with such a buff frame, particularly if the AC plays defensive. I personally would have added harpy/rm2 or mv/rm1 for some poking ability and/or quick drops though.

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I'll go back and see what i can do to add some poking weapons to this AC. My only issues is i don't want to make it too slow for it's weight class.


The whole point of this AC is to be a hadngun user so adding mg's is out of the question but thanks for the suggestion anyway.

Edited by Hollywood
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Possibly U4 with either macaque or 72f. I should give you about same ap with less defense, but near 500 less weight. That would free up room for a poker.


But as I said earlier, a spam and drop option like harpy/rm2 would most likely be better. It'll give you some early ap damage, and then you can work the handguns the rest of the match.

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Yeah I'm with Owen. A backmount of some kind to get some early AP damage would go a long way. oc15+rm2 ftw!


Lack of gaea really messes things up here, too. My first thought was that gaea would be pretty necessary. If it were me, I'd go gaea, oc15+rm2, and pray I have AP lead by the end. That or u4, o15+rm2, and ghost2+hp w/ 69h x2 hanger'd.


I don't know if you remember that FT for LR we did way back, the one with the huge amounts of shit talking? Well as you might recall, the winner was a pistol boy. He won almost every single match of his by time. The pistols simply weren't enough to kill anything. My general point is there's a precedent for this being unable to kill anything. Ghost2 is also notoriously unreliable as a main gun. It's a fantastic weapon, don't get me wrong, but it's most suited as a support weapon.

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