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Modern Warfare 3


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They need to get some folks together to come up with a CoD4 DLC for like a 2.0 MP. Fixed attachment glitches, Martyrdom grenade timer, Last Stand kill awarding, and reducing the explosives range on Frags and GL's.


EDIT: Maybe throw in some new attachments and perks.

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its not fun because its boring and the maps are terribad


^ this.


CoD 4's maps were gold, namely the farm.


MW2's were... mediocre, but the villa one was nice.


BOps wasn't good in the maps department.

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The biggest thing I'm noticed is that the trend goes for Cod4 > Mw2 > Bops for map "likeness factor." Another trend that goes with that is the amount of corners and random bullshit that shouldn't really exist on a map goes in that same order. CoD maps have progressively gotten less and less about routes and locking down areas and more into seeing how many corners and hiding places you can stick into a map. That seriously bogs down the flow of gameplay. The only reason, I believe, that hasn't utterly destroyed this game is because of the reintroduction of weapon skill. Not quite on the MW1 level, but certainly more than was present in MW2.


I just really want to get away from having to build counter classes which is largely what MW2 and Bops are all about. Each of those two games forces styles. Uav gets used a lot so people feel the need to run ghost. Rc cars and objective games make flak jacket feel necessary. Ninja comes into play again with SnD. MW1 was primarily a battle of Stopping Power vs Juggernaut, but that was about it. Sure Frag x3 was a problem for a little while, but less people used it over time and it really never bothered me as much as shit like martyrdom did. Eventually that didn't bother me either.


Perks in CoD4 forced gameplay decisions. MW2/Bops force style decisions. I don't think that's the way to go. I shouldn't have to use something just because majority players use X.

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I will probably whore out money to buy this game on release day like all the other call of duty games since CoD2. At least my weapon of choice looks good.



Honestly, the map designs in BOPS are not that bad. The issue are the spawn spots. I got too many deaths from the behind by the person I just killed. It is also blatantly obvious that the weapon balance was with Stopping Power in mind. With Stopping Power gone, the FAMAS rules. Without Stopping Power, using a stealth perk now is essentially free. In the past, you have to give up something legitimate for that tech. I can go on. But BOPS did a lot of things right though; like the ranking system (shows caps and bomb plants), Bare Bones, replay system, etc.


CoD4 is just fun. I still play it to this day. I don't know why.


Perks in CoD4 forced gameplay decisions. MW2/Bops force style decisions. I don't think that's the way to go. I shouldn't have to use something just because majority players use X.

Actually, that is a really good point.


But I don't think COD4 was just Jugg vs. SP. The perk system is actually really balanced (along with the weapons) if you play both HC and Core. For example, in Core, yes, SP ruled, next to Jugg and UAV Jammer. In HC, SoH, UAV Jammer, and Sonic Boom are all great perk choices. Also, weapons like the SAW, G36C, G3, and M21 were quite underwhelming in Core but were very good in HC. Everything in that game had a use and is the only CoD game where I completed all the weapon challenges without the grind feeling.

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and is the only CoD game where I completed all the weapon challenges without the grind feeling.


Are you kidding? There was no grinding at all with needing to get 2500 kills with each weapon.



And on the map dileo, Firing Range is dynamically bad, but I still love it. Kinda feels like Trailer Park when I think about it now. But slightly better. But the maps do feel blocky. There's no Overgrown or Wasteland in Blops. Unless I'm totally drawing a blank on one of the maps.

To babble on further, I think maps now are gimmicky. Cod4 had a handful of maps that were similar in idea but different enough in design.

It's turned into 'what kind of environment can we stick them in now?'



Carnival should not exist.

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2 days for 1.5 million views on that youtube.


This is going to be a game that's heralded as "one of the best", get a bunch of game awards, and get 10/10 review scores simply because it exists.


Whether or not it will actually deserve that is up in the air.


This is the absolute truest post that is or will ever be in this thread, maybe with the possible exception of "OP is a faggot". Granted, Noob saying that this is going to suck if it's not a reskinned COD4 is definitely a contender.


I disagree with Rachis, actually. I think IW is going to try to play it closer to the formula this time, in light of the critical backlash they received with MW2; yes, I realize every major game reviewer verbally fellated the game (if they didn't literally perform oral sex on it by some fucked up means), but the fanbase was pretty divided over it. Black Ops has been better received by the players, and very noticeably draws more from COD4 than MW2 did. I think IW is going to take that as their cue to build upon the tried-and-true, rather than coming out of left field with needlessly bombastic shit like dual-wielding PDWs and twirling shotguns like revolvers.


I'm cautiously optimistic about MW3, really. I was nothing short of fucking ecstatic about MW2, and consequently, I was thoroughly disappointed. I took one look at the perk layout and the list of weapons, and my first impression was "Oh, hey, this is like COD4 with a better perk layout and more options." What I didn't realize is that it was going to be the cheesiest FPS I'd played in years, with the most gimmick-driven metagame I've ever seen. Black Ops was definitely a step in the right direction, but then, IW had nothing to do with that, and that's probably why. That said, I certainly identify more with the setting of the Modern Warfare line than I do with Black Ops and its ghetto-rigged rifles, so I really hope that MW3 is the proper sequel to COD4 that we didn't get with MW2.


Oh, and while I'll concede that nothing tops COD4 for maps, I don't see how anyone could think Black Ops' maps are worse than MW2. Truthfully, the maps in Black Ops are fine, it's just that the spawns are sensitive to a fault. If one guy walks over to the other end of Nuketown, the whole spawn flips in the blink of a fucking eye. I applaud them for recognizing where MW2 went wrong and taking measures to correct it, but uh... They went just a little bit overboard.


P.S. Infinity Ward is still working on the single player, albeit with some degree of assistance from Sledgehammer games (who ostensibly dropped their "action adventure" COD project). Boy, Magnus just can't catch a break.

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