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Drac's ACDC: V-VD Division

Queen Drac Wraith

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1st - Design 7

2nd - Design 9

3rd - Design 4



I really don't know what I'm looking at here. The design gets almost completely lost in the background. I mean, sure, the picture quality isn't exactly great, but if your design can't stand up to that, well, I think that probably says more than I can. At best it comes across as some sort of Katamari Damacy scrap bundle.


Super Aestivalis

The picture is good, and the frame is actually pretty coherent. The weapons don't really seem to match up, like they're just there to be there. I found the name and description obnoxious to read, but looked up the inspiration anyway. I don't think it's very true to the source material. The verdict (day lol)? "Meh."


Techno Viking

I dunno it's kind of neat I guess. UNTZ UNTZ UNTZ.



This bot goes for the camouflage look, blending into its background nicely. Does it look cool? Does it look like trash? We can never really be sure! Whatever though I am gambling on it. What I can see clearly looks fine.


Xlrm.2 Shimmer

I'm so uninspired by this bot that I have nothing to remark on.


Rolima II

Great choice of background, but the AC itself looks incomplete in all aspects. The paint merely "works," and that head choice is detrimental to the rest of the design. Aside from that, it actually looks pretty good. Finish bats before hitting submit.



Parts that stand on their own yet form a cohesive whole. A paint scheme that works in all aspects. A background choice that allows it to show them all off. Well done. I actually don't like the background used for the first picture, but that core reminds me of a variety of different bombers, so the plane tie-in works.



Poor background choice again. The whole "wing" thing isn't really clicking for me, and the arms just look like the worst part of this. The paint is pretty bland. Stiff and bland: Starchangel.



Really bad background choice for this. Possibly the worst of the bunch, because unlike some of the others, this AC probably looks pretty good - it's just hard to tell because it blends in so much. When I see the inspiration for the design, I actually develop a bit of an appreciation for what the design is supposed to be.

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1st Place: #7


The choice of background and picture quality go a ways in helping me pick this as having the strongest aesthetics of the group. First of all, I think nearly all VD bots would look better with that clever hobbyist background. That aside I love the bulkiness of the core and the legs, they remind me of moa a tad bit. There's a delicate balance between the hyper detail of the legs and the weapons that blend well with the more plain looking upper torso and paint job too. Overall it's a design that looks very delineated but at the same time very whole, making for an interesting aesthetic. Part of me wants to see a bit of bright orange or copper trim to give even more contrast to the overall appearance.


2d Place: #4


This ac blends a good bit into its background, which doesn't really help the case of the design itself, but if I look real close I can somewhat make it out. Once again it's not too exploratory in its paint job, I would have liked to see more usage of different colors and color temperatures. Overall I do enjoy the very mechanical and complicated look the quadruped legs give, with the armor plates standing out from the white frame. Overall it's a nice and rugged look that strikes me fancy. I think putting it on a more contrasting background and even playing around with some more rugged colors would make the aesthetic even more resolving.


3rd Place: #5


Overall this is a very safe approach to an aesthetic, and I normally wouldn't be too high on that, but its placement is a direct result of the lack of depth the vd section has. The paint job is solid and doesn't venture too far out on a limb-- blue with some lighter blue decals. The weapons are very safe as well, and the aggressiveness of the sawa goes a long way in helping the overall look of this design. The background thankfully lets us see as most of the design as we can without it becoming muddled too much. If would like some contrasting trim color and maybe even a different choice, of legs to take the look further.


Honorary Mentions: None (In no particular order)


Sorry but I'm not feeling it too much with this bunch. It goes beyond my personal bias against the game as well. I do like the overall very mechanical nature all the parts in VD have, but I don't think there's much experimentation and solid ideas being thrown around in this particular group. Overall I think it's the weakest of the divisions, with either LR or FA being second weakest, then AA being second strongest and MOA undoubtedly being strongest.

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