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Harakiri Tiger

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I love playing you guys, you actually make me feel like a good SC player after I lose 500 points.


This is my little overture, consider it a warning

You can say it's premature but I don't come early

Took years to shine this bright, coulda got PhDs from Berkeley

But you can just sit tight, the doctor will be with you shortly

I'll claw my way to the top as long as I'm alive

No CPR, this heart won't stop to kill this drive

Go ahead and do your best, boy, and struggle and strive

But for all you progress, you take two steps to my five

Hold your head high so I can knock it off your shoulders

But keep those eyes wide to see what it's like to be so much colder

Think you got Rambo in your jock but it's just a toy soldier

Think you got tremendous rocks, well I've got stones like boulders

From the lone star state where everything's bigger

Packing a Texas-sized hate that'll put you in rigor

I've never been subtle, I inject my words with vigor

Got a rebuttal? Well then go ahead, pull the trigger


Say I'm going overboard, that it's just a game

But you cause an uproar when you attack my name

My lyrics are Foreman in a Pacquiao frame

My zeal is the doorman to my Ali acclaim

I'll be Travolta with Thurman in Pulp Fiction

Or that bad motherfucka Samuel L. Jackson

You can be Ving Rhames in Zed's pawn shop love dungeon

'Til my Bruce Willis came to end the colon intrusion

You tried to be Hova and copied his swagger

The way it went over, you looked like Mick Jagger

Do the lines Gary bays make your body stagger?

West comma Kanye's songs honed my vocal daggers

Kweli and Mighty Mos aided the birth of these sixteens

While Common's prose helped keep the emotion pristine

With inspiration from the cleanest of the clean

This oration plays out like a movie scene


-Brother Gary



Edited by Gary the Tennis Coach
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I will be casting whenever we are playing SC. If you're watching the stream and experiencing any problems, please tell me in SC itself or tell someone that can. I cannot watch the stream or have any indication of its status while I'm in game. I just got through casting 3 or 4 games, none of which were apparently streamed because the caster crashed in-game. So if you want the stream to be at its best, please tell me if there are any problems as soon as they occur.

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I just put SC back on my computer last night and played for the first time in more than a year =P. I got ICCUP going and played two matches against LCC and Vickers, with ACM helping me out a bit. I'm anticapating more entertaining matches with all of you now that things are all set for me.


ICCUP - Nomrah

Race - Zerg

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