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Twitch acquired by Amazon


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I don't think it's surprising that someone picked Twitch up, but after all the rumours that it would be YouTube (Google), this caught me off guard. Even if I was going to suspect another company, Amazon wouldn't have been my first guess.


I'm not sure how I feel about it, because I have no real idea of how Amazon handles video stuff. I've had good experiences buying stuff from them, but there's a gap there that doesn't translate completely for me.

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I suspect this is Amazon's "answer" to YouTube, despite the few and rare instances when people actually live stream over yt. Also wonder if Twitch might bring back Past Broadcast storage but as a part of Amazon's cloud service or w/e.


As long as I don't see drastic changes for the worse I don't mind.


Wonder if Google might hop on Hitbox...?

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