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Poking the dead body with a stick.

Boss Savage

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It's been almost a year since a last played AC:VD or even talked to the usual active AC players. I have my reasons for this. But I'd rather keep my reasons private.


So far from what I've been able to gather by visiting various AC forums is that the whole AC community is completely dead. I mean completely void of any signs of life or interest.


It's almost a little too hard to believe or maybe even bare. But considering how "fantastic" the last two AC instalments were I'm not too surprised this happened. Still its a shame.


So I guess this message is to anyone who still visits this site and to whoever recognizes my name. What happened? Where did everybody go? What is everybody doing now? Why can't FROMSOFTWARE make a good AC game?

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I see. So nobody really knows what happened. I would hop online and see if anybody still plays. But I currently don't have live.


I'm assuming people like barlizar (I think that's how you spell his name) moved to ps4. I just don't know how to confirm that right now.


Maybe everybody will come back when AC6 congress out. Whenever that happens and hopefully that game won't suck.

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I hear Barilzar is still on Xbox. He's the sunn guy right? Iunno him personally and idk if he still plays now, but I heard he did in both 5th gens. Think he posted one vid of him trashing V in the microwave.


There are still people playing actually, the most "concentrated" group of VD victims would be at Armored Core Legacy. The way I hear most people are in Skype chats and have moved onto the JP server. The stragglers left on int, iono if they've come out unscathed or not.


Someone I know says he's in a team called, uh, wolf pack or something? They play along with others I think on Xbox. PS side like I said has mostly moved to jp, but that was last time I legitimately checked, which would be months ago.


So the community isn't entirely dead.


Me, I played VD enough. I might fancy going back in the future but I'm pretty much done with the game for now (read: months).

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NA ACLR community is doing pretty good for itself on the other hand, especially given its age. We're gearing up for another full scale ACDC as well here on ACU, so I wouldn't say totally dead. Just old, slow, bad knees, etc. I would however say that the ACV-VD community does seem to be completely bricked. I see some guys stream ACVD on Twitch on rare occasion, so you could check that out. Otherwise, your best bet at finding V/VD players is probably gonna be through Reddit/4chan/Facebook, tbh.


You could always get XLink Kai instead and play LR on it with other kids from ACU. It's pretty fun and most of the players are new, so there's no crazy skill gap to overcome for new entrants. That or you could try to cause an AC4 revival on it, Kai works with AC4. You'd have to find the players tho.


:sludge: :sludge: :sludge: :sludge: :sludge: :sludge: :sludge: :sludge: :sludge:

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