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ACVD: Missiles of the Large Variety


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They're kinda fun for being huge one-off damage even if they're not nearly as conventional as other missiles.




Another interesting bit is that they haven't changed much from ACV, unlike many other missiles.

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that sounds like ac3 ones ya


the ones i used in the video is 4 at a time, 2 from each arm (the arms carry 10 total so u can fire 4 twice and 2 once)


in ac1pp the large missile could kill an ac basically 1 missile 1hko


in ac1moa they toned it down iirc its like 2hko, also rebalanced it in general cuz in pp they were wildly overpowered


in ac3lr the thing about them thats extra devastating is the heat and part breaking, ur gonna lose possibly ur entire body from the hit, plus get so wildly overheated that a second shot has a okay chance of landing


of course they're also the easiest thing in the game to shutdown so noone would, or should, use them in a serious fight


the explosion is also insane in those games, the ac5 one isnt as cool from what im seeing in ur video :(


the missile explosion i mean, not the video proper, the video proper is cool good job

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CAMS totally destroys large missiles. They're so bad in LR. They were semi-usable in AC4 if I'm not mistaken, however verts outclass every other missile in that game by a longshot-- which is not too dissimilar of a scenario in LR.
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This makes me want to play all of the AC games and make a video talking about it through the various generations, but I'm missing all of the first gen games (except AC1, i do have that) and most of the 3rd-gen games as well.
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