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AC music that's not actually from the game

hoikam EXE

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FreQuency is basically a FROM band for AC(-like) music. I wouldn't call them a fan band since they're linked to officially by FROM, and I assume they're actually employed by them. I mean, look at the website name: http://www.fromsoundrecords.com/.


I've got both albums and listen from time to time.

Many FreQuency songs actually appear in the games so yeah. Most of the game ones appear in ACVD, some of which are DLC and some are just part of the main game. "V for Two", "Forgive an Angel", "Vendetta", are ACVD OST songs from the "Sunrise" album. "Armored Core Reprises" has "V", "Lament Over the Howling Age", "Why Don't You Come Down", and "I Know What You Stand" from the ACV OST. "Day After Day - EP" features two versions of "Day After Day" from ACVD, as well as "Why Don't You Come Down (ACVD DLC Edition)" which is obviously the alternate version that's played when you download ACVD's alt soundtrack DLC.


On a side note, many of the songs appear on FreQuency albums before the game is released, as Sunrise was released some time before ACVD was a thing. As such, I expect that one or two of these songs may appear in a future AC game, or we might get more FreQuency before the next game comes out.

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