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Gen 2, AC3 and SL? Sure they were usefull since they leech-locked off of your R-arm weapon.


Gen 3 though? Nope. No more locking ability and ridiculously short range? You were better off with a LB. They're a decent idea, but they need a lock in order to actually pull off "effective".

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Although in NX there was a great exploit regarding them, but I don't know if the US version had that exploit still.

What was it?


When I still had a PS2 I used to love the shit out of a flamethrower, as long as the design could keep close. If you could keep up with it long enough to gen bust them the match was pretty much over.

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Flamethrowers suck pas AC:3-SL.

Before that, they were kinda great.


Howitzers were cheap ass Grenade Launchers wannabes with lower velocity and an odd arc. They were also very odd looking guns. (still good though)


Ammo Packs were... Ammo Packs. Need em back.



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