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So I've got fA. Now what?

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That pic is not sad at all, it shows clear taste for good games that do no involve pew pew with the game aiming for you while the opponent warps behind you every 10 seconds.


I see a sad pic because some dumb consumer whore who wasted money on a game they didn't like, then decided to throw it away and further build up landfills instead of selling it back to a used game store for somebody else to enjoy.


Spending $60 on a game just to throw is away is fucking stupid man.

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You don't actually buy what you just said, right? I mean...you just had to make a boatload of assumptions to say that. Not only that, but in this particular case, you know exactly who the dumb consumer whore (DCW) is, which means you should also know their experience with the game.


Let's start with the obvious:

1) how would someone know they don't like a game before playing it first?

1a) especially if they are a fan of the series and thus tend to buy the games before renting?

1) what makes you think it was actually thrown away?

2) what makes you think the picture wasn't simply an expression of an opinion on the game?

3) what makes you think it wasn't sold back to the store?

4) what makes you think the person who bought it still doesn't have it?


Let's take into account the DCW:

1) he has a bunch of vids up on youtube

2) he's regularly hosted or assisted on tournaments

3) he still owns the game

4) he likes to troll


C'mon now.

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I thought it was an okay installment. Certainly not Silent Line level of greatness, or Last Raven level, but it was certainly a good game.


The reason people hate it is because half this site is full of nostalgic hipsters who have to hate anything new.


Of course, many of them have valid reasons for disliking the game, like the bits of lag online, the occasional plothole, etc. But most of them are just hatin' for the purpose of hatin'.

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Yeah, I hate new things. I play Myst on my Gateway computer running Windows 98. I only bought my PS3 to play FFVII on PSN. Blu-Ray is vastly inferior to VHS tapes. Anything made in the 21st century is crap.


Pen's right. FA's lag is over-exaggerated. Disregard all the videos of people teleporting across the map and firing bazookas in the face of someone for no damage. And you know that AC storylines are some of the best in the videogame industry.

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The last three posters are good friends!


The reason people hate it is because half this site is full of nostalgic hipsters who have to hate anything new.


We have hipsters here? I'm not even sure I know what a hipster is. And I shop at Hot Topic. Online only, of course, cause I don't like going in there.

They have the best Marvel shirts. I guess what I'm trying to say is people would label me as a hipster. Which sucks cause I don't think I am, even though I prefer indie music. I don't know.


Throw away your copy of fA.

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^ Hipster


I figured you guys would all be happy to be called hipsters. When did hipster become a bad thing? You people hatin.



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