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What would you like to see in AC6?

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Better background music like armored core 3 silent-line music

Same gameplay, but better graphics

Better weapons effects, like explosion sounds for rockets and missiles should be louder, plasma-laser sounds should be louder also, and able hear by the players on the battle

More weapon

More & better arenas

Better and harder story mode

Same te ce ke defence style

same weapons level up when buying

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Why would to want same KE CE TE defense style? That has pretty much ruined 5th gen, I mean there are plenty of problems but that one is easily the most detrimental. Forcing an outcome based on hard-counters simply determined by a defense stat is not very fun or exciting, and eliminates plenty of potential for actual battles to take place.


Also I hate the idea of anything leveling up in an AC game, that's not how AC rolls.


Anyways I couldn't agree with you more on sound and music.

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The Controller decides that man should live without gravity, corporations hire Ravens to fight for corporate control in zero gravity conditions.


Zero gravity combat, AC's boosters are replaced with grappling hooks to grab and pull to any surface for all new style of movement. For the first time in the series AC's can fight while upside-down.

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Well, ACV really streamlined controlling the AC and didn't require me to totally re-map every action (except for control sticks) to make it playable, unlike 4A. So what I would say is to make a similar control style to ACV.


Apart from that, I'll just wait and see what Fromsoft cooks. I always look forward to a new AC game because I know that pretty much everything will be different.

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If I were to make an AC game, I'd probably like to have a mix of current-gen and old-gen systems, maybe with something new added. I'd also recycle existing systems. A backstory would be provided to back it up, to maintain consistency (and provide a convenient excuse).




Some years long after the fight over those damn Towers, old AC tech is discovered. Design standards, blueprints, all rediscovered. The ACs have changed little since 5th gen, but addition of 4th gen parts and better understanding of the technology behind Armored Cores further increases part combinations, as well as modularity. It eventually degrades into a 3-way against various AC generations, involving Normals, Nexts, and Dwarves. Might as well call it 'Dark Souls 40K'.


Meanwhile, Motherwill shoots a Killdozer at you, Chief and Nineball teaming up and firing their cannons in the distance.



Parts (Cores)


New cores are available, capable of using back weapons. This design is reminiscent of the old AC aesthetic, but is adapted to using currently existing weapons. These cores eliminate the delay of switching between weapons by reallocating the bay hangers to the rear, with specialized firing mechanisms to eliminate the need to physically grab the weapon. Of course, because of the design, these weapons don't possess the same degree of maneuverability as their arm counterparts. There's the side benefit of being able to equip cannons too, but one must still maintain a ready-position to use them.


To maintain competitiveness with these new style cores, the current generation of cores have been adapted to being able to use UWs without time limit, instead now having usage limits. ACs still overheat trying to access these weapons, but with this limitation overcome UWs are much more viable than before.


The OB system is also reverse engineered, special cores designed to replace the glide-boost function with a proper Over Boost system.


Parts (Arms)


With further research into old AC designs and modifying current Weapon Arm technology, new arm designs incorporate features that further an AC's compatibility with weapons.


One arm design, 'melee' arms, features reinforcement of the arm frame itself, allowing the AC to use elbow or punch attack motions without the need of a solid blade or pile driver. This is particularly useful for those ACs that have a weak boost-charge, or lack the generator capacity to use high-output boosters for a strong boost-charge. Stability and shoulder weapon performance is reduced, but these arms are solid.


Another arm design, 'energy' arms, boosts the performance of energy weapons, much like energy amplifiers. Specifically designed for these kinds of weapons, they sacrifice stability (often less than 100%) for better compatibility.


Finally, 'mobility' arms. These arms are equipped with a combination of modular capacitors and boosters that significantly raise the AP of the AC, allowing it to operate for prolonged combat. They serve as an extra pair of legs, using the boosters to lighten the load off an AC's legs and allow the AC to continue fighting. They tend to drain plenty of energy, and cannot be turned off in Scan Mode.


Current generation arms, to keep up with these new designs, have seen an increase in stability and decreased energy drain.


Parts (Legs)


Previous leg designs for ACs tend to be much more symmetrical, with an aesthetic beauty to them, though practically have shins of glass. Despite this, they performed well, their turn and movement performance significantly better, able to dance across the battlefield with a kind of grace not found in current generation bipedal legs.


These new, symmetrical bipedal legs don't have a good boost-charge, nor do they increase one's resistance to attack when kneeling. They make up for this with excellent mobility while keeping energy drain low.



Recycled AMS


An old system recycled from Next technology, of which allows one to tune their frame's performance without having to revisit the shop. Redubbed 'Energy Reallocation System', of which essentially repriorities energy output to modify AC performance. The greater your AC's energy drain, the more energy you're able to re-prioritize. For those who have low energy usage, they can increase energy drain to increase performance.


Energy Weapons


The bane of many EN weapons has been the fact that they require energy to be of any use (except railguns and plasma missiles). They are useful on missions because they don't use physical ammunition to cause damage, but when ammunition cost isn't a problem they're rarely considered for use. Consequently pilots would prioritize their ACs for solid ammunition defense, but this alone wouldn't make energy weapons any better, even if they'd prove a viable anti-armor weapon in these cases.


To further attract buyers, EN weapons have received modifications that would allow someone to either recharge the weapon in-combat, or fire them (at a diminished capacity) after the primary capacitors has been expended. Certain EN weapons, instead of using energy, use AP or sacrifice stability.


Energy weapons are still attractive regardless, thanks to their recoilless nature, useful for low-performance ACs that use little energy to begin with.


Return of Primal Armor


A recreation of the technology found in Nexts, attempts have been made to create a viable energy barrier without polluting the environment with Kojima Particles. Improvising, engineers created a device that projected a barrier of plasma in front of the AC, intended to heat incoming projectiles and soften their impact. Other means include creating a high-frequency alternating current or magnetic field in the air that did the same. Some means attempt to mimic the structure of an atom, polarizing the AC's structure to resemble an atomic nucleus, while the shield was a sort of electron cloud.


Other means of reinforcing the structural integrity of the AC's frame have also been devised, intended to increase protection without adding more weight. This would burden the generator, but overall the AC benefitted. Lightweight ACs and tanks benefitted the most, lightweights mobile enough to allow the shield opportunity to recharge, while tanks had low enough energy usage to take on an onslaught of firepower.


Refined Armor Systems


Today's armored cores rely on very focused passive defenses to resist weaponry. However, in the past armor tended to be much more general, able to resist a variety of weapons without fail. Before Nexts, there was a kind of armor system that allowed an AC to operate for long periods, regardless of the location of attack. Apparently their were specialized capacitors throughout the AC's body that acted as a sort of electrical reactive armor, functioning similarly to Primal Armor. Of course, this same system would overheat if attacked too frequently, and this flaw may have eventually seen the system's abandonment.


Attempts to reverse engineer the system have yielded high-AP AC parts, granting the AC general resistance to all weapons even when stability was compromised. This in mind, it is possible to survive blows that would otherwise destroy a defense-focused AC.


Refined Booster Systems


Previous ACs could fly, easily able to overcome tall obstacles. However, this tended to drain energy, the control systems at the time also rather clunky and finger-twisting... not to mention hard on the knees. Today's ACs no longer encounter that difficulty, a simple flick of the switch allowing the pilot to focus on maneuvering rather than constantly hopping about to conserve energy. In addition, the hover systems in boosters prevent one from descending too quickly, eliminating the need to constantly adjust thrust duration.


Though the current system is advantageous in freeing up focus for other activities, the lack of actual flight limits today's AC's cababilities. Boost-charging is a crude method of acquring a similar feat, but not necessarily straight-forward.


Now, after attempts to reverse engineer old booster systems, ACs can alter elevation by attempting to jump mid-air, using the same software program that enables boost-drive. Holding the (X) button allows one to ascend further, the energy drain about as high as that of boost-gliding.


The return of flight-capability has also allowed better melee capabilities for the AC, the art of blading having returned.




Previous ACs had amazing situational awareness. While today's ACs can see through walls, previous ACs were aware of what was behind them. Sneaking up on an AC was no easy task. It's easier than ever to sneak up on someone, but still difficult.


Equippable in the bay unit, radar adds another degree of awareness. Along with an ability to see through walls, noone can escape your sight. Unless, of course, someone had the proper countermeasures.


Additional Generator Options


Nexts used a special generator that produced Kojima Particles, granting them abilities that practically made them unassailable. Moving at sonic speeds, guarded by a regenerating shield, able to take on giants, KPs resulted in the creation of gods... as well as leading to the downfall of the rest of humanity. The KP was the Tower of Babel for those long ago.


Reverse engineered and adjusted to fit with 5th generation frames, these generators did exactly what they did in the past. In addition, how much KP one holds is based on energy drain, the speed of production based on Conductivity. Of course, because of the use of KP, one is not allowed to fight with a team of normal ACs.


For those prefering to fight in teams but in need of an alternative generator, one could opt for a pre-KP generator used by older ACs. This generator also fills gaps in defense, but constant bombardment results in overheating. They all come with built-in radiators to reduce heat build-up, but it's still best to simply get out of the line of fire.


Considering these generator options, 5th-gen enthusiasts have created a limit-breaker shoulder part that allows one to use critical power on demand without need of a UW.


Kojima Weapons


Adapted, and in greater varieties, these energy weapons fire projectiles that eat through AP, the lingering fallout rotting away anything that stays in that area.




Basically, an ability to make all older parts compatible with 5th generation ACs, while still having the option of piloting these dwarf ACs. I like the idea of having a Normal vs. Next battle (despite possible obliteration in the process). Heck, throw a PLOW in there while you're at it.


I'd write more, but I'll leave it at that.

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