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No Man's Sky

Bakuhatsu Pengin

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so one time i was at this concert for final fantasy music right, like one of those ones where there is an orchestra doing the music


and there was this dood cosplaying as kefka, he did a great job too he looked just like him right


someone walks up and asks him for a pic, which leads to someone else doing it, which soon leads to a small crowd gathering around this guy cuz ppl are noticing/overhearing that theres a dood in a cool cosplay here and they want to see it, naturally


its wild obvious he's never gotten this kind of attention in his life cuz he's eating it up


at some point someone says something about kefka's song being called dancing mad or something like that, so he decides he needs to start dancing...mad?


he starts dancing weirdly idk to what and ppl are like oh cool he's dancing mad! which doesnt make sense if u think about it


this guy keeps doing it and as the crowd continues to swell it gets more and more dramatic and eventually he's like falling and tripping and stuff from all the lateral movements n shit cuz he's v clearly not a dancer, or even athletic


hell he prolly didn't even stretch before his interpretive dance debut here


anyways in the end he just looked like an idiot flailing his arms for a huge crowd


the indie devs who made this game are that idiot

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Pie's embedding worked/looked fine to me from the get go.


This game should interest me a lot (exploring/collecting/crafting/space) but it's always looked weak to me. I feel like the bajillion planets thing or whatever sounds impressive but is probably a huge drawback in practice. Procedural generation is usually a bad thing.

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PD you deliver the best cringe stories, would've made a good youtube upload. The Final Fantasy concert I went to was great, I was expecting to see some cosplay weebs but there were hardly any at all.


This game looks terribly boring, you would have to pay me some good money to play that.

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I've seen this wonderful trend going. It was once cool to hate on Destiny even though it proved to be very successful in its own right. Now it's cool to like No Man's Sky even though it's success is largely in question.


Also, its ok for this developer to release a game and support it with DLC that will "fix" it, but when Street Fighter 5 does it Capcom is a fucking monster.


I hate gamers.

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My favorite part is when people defend them saying "they're just a small indie studio!"


Bro most of the people in this indie studio are industry vets from EA and Criterion and shit. They also have like 4 games under their belt already so there's no excuse


oh and they're charging $60 for this game so if you want me to judge it as a small indie title then price it like one. you charge the same as AAA titles then you get judged like a goddamn AAA title

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