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Armored Core Battles #3 Evangel (Nexus) vs Nineball E2 (Ninebreaker)

Who would win.  

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  1. 1. Winner?

    • Evangel
    • Nineball
    • Other
    • Stalemate

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I'm back.




Evangel --vs-- Nineball E2


This is a hard choice, Evangel is quite skilled so is NineBall E2. But Nineball in Ninebreaker has UBER hax, but Evangel in Nexus Opening has "Fake Overboost" making look like he can QB.


When it comes down to no Ammo, Nineball has a weaker blade and Evangel has the MOONLIGHT.


I can't choose, and Evangel has TREMENDOUS SKILL.


Stalemate for me.

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Nineball has a GL... With GLL ability recharge rate in NB right though.


I go for... Evangel. Just cause he looks cooler.


On a side note, 3rd generation should've been:


- Super Archangel Pulverizer

- Unknown Final Prototype (Nexus)

- Ubber Zinnaida

- Ofanim (AC3)




Yeah. Basically. LR has got all the hardest bossese of it's generation.

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Nineball. Evangel has a linear gun, but so does Nineball XD But I can't see how Evangel's Oracle, no matter how good it is, can face the might of Nineball. Sure, our favorite villain's laser blade is weaker. But in a fast paced match, Nineball would wipe the floor with Oracle.


Just isn't possible, despite how we can mostly kick Nineball's ass ;)

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Nineball because I believe, and dont quote me when i say this, he is an AI because in one of the games he had a mix of voices in with his speech. He is a highly skilled AI, too. As I said, i believe. I'm not too sure if he is an AI. I never played the games he was in.
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